Amy Roloff Gushes Over Wedding, Cites Most "Special Gift" of All

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Amy Roloff is a very happily married woman.

Andd then some.

The Little People, Big World star exchanged vows late last month with Chris Marek, her boyfriend of nearly four years now.

The ceremony took place on Roloff Farms in Oregon, with Amy agreeing to the location due to all the confusion and chaos COVID-19 can cause..

Amy Roloff and Some Kids

Was there potential for awkwardness by getting married on property owned by her ex-husband?


But everything seemed to have gone swimmingly for Roloff and Marek, as they made their relationship verry official and legal in front of family members, friends and loved ones.

Don't take our word for it, however. Ask Amy herself!

Grandkids AND a Wedding!

"What a perfect and best day!" wrote Amy on Monday in her first social media post about the occasion.

"On Aug 28th 2021 I married Chris Marek - my love, my friend, my partner, my teammate...

"the one I get to wake up to, start and end my day with and love more than the day before.

"I love you Chris Marek."

Bride and Her Family

The mother of four previously told People Magazine that she felt simply elated over how everything went.

"It was just all so right and good," Roloff told the publication in delight, shortly after the wedding.

"I am just elated. I'm happy.

"I'm thrilled that I have found someone to spend the rest of my days with."

Dancing Newlyweds!

In this latest message, Amy continued as follows:

"I’m honored to be Mrs. Marek, your wife and be on this crazy life journey together. It’s going to be amazing. My love for the rest of my life."

Amy, of course, is ecstatic to spend the rest of her life with the love of her life.

But she knew many months ago that she'd be getting hitched.

Love You, Grandson!

She wasn't so sure that her father would attend the ceremony; not after the 92-year old came down with some major health problems this summer.

Thankfully, in the end, he was able to walk his daughter down the aisle.

"My special gift was that my 92 year old father was able to be there and walk me down the aisle," concluded Amy yesterday.

"We were thrilled to share our day with family and friends. Couldn’t imagine it any other way. Lots of love all around."

Amy Roloff and Dad at Wedding

We're just so very happy for the TLC personality, who we've been watching and cheering for over more than a decade now.

She split from Matt back in 2016 and started dating Marek about two years later.

According to a number of sources, cameras were on hand for the ceremony and reception last month, as the network plans to air an Amy Roloff wedding special later this year.

Air date? To be determined.

Almost That Time!

But we can't wait!

"I think what I'm looking forward to the most is just really dreaming together," Amy added to People last week, concluding of Marek:

"We're all in now, so it's just solidifying the relationship, where we live."

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