Teen Mom OG Trailer Promises Drama, Tears, and ... Why is Ryan Edwards Here?!

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Ahead of Tuesday night's premiere of Teen Mom OG Season 9B, MTV released a teaser.

Everybody has a lot going on, from pregnancies to parenting to tears to fights.

Despite the firing of Ryan Edwards and his family, don't expect to not see them on your screens just yet.

Take a look below and enjoy the glimpse at what's to come!

Catelynn Lowell Shares the Facts of Life

Catelynn Lowell is pregnant.

Part of having kids, plural, means giving older siblings a rudimentary education on pregnancy.

That is only part of what Catelynn is up to as she and Tyler expect their next baby girl.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Have a Gender Reveal

Yes, gender reveals are ridiculous for a dozen reasons, but their reactions were cute.

Less cute, however, is seeing the two of them work through some of their personal issues.

Though they have been together since they were tweets, Tyler and Catelynn are still grappling with emotional issues and how it impacts their marriage.

Amber Portwood Celebrates on Season 9B

Amber Portwood had a tempestuous Season 9A and handled that with her usual grace ... by which we mean poorly.

When we first see her in this teaser, however, she is in a celebratory mood.

Amber has been focusing upon furthering her education, which is commendable.

Amber Portwood Delivers an Apology

Amber hasn't just clashed with her exes.

Her behavior has actively sabotaged her bond with her own daughter, Leah.

This leaves Leah in the very unfair position of having to be the mature one in the relationship.

Leah Shirley Has to Be the Grownup

It appears that Amber is trying to make amends with her daughter, as she offers a tearful apology.

Leah isn't convinced that she can just forgive Amber and move on, and who could blame her?

Amber is in therapy with Gary. We're sure that there is a lot more to this story that will develop as 9B unfolds.

Zach Davis Proposes to Cheyenne Floyd

Cheyenne Floyd is, of course, pregnant (well, on the show -- she gave birth to Ace in May).

Her fiance, Zach Davis, is there for her during some sweet moments in the trailer.

But he is also apparently not making her feel as "supported" as she would like, something that she brings up in a heated moment of conflict.

Cheyenne Floyd Sets a Co-Parenting Boundary

Cheyenne is also clashing with her ex, Cory Wharton.

He is filming another season of The Challenge, which leaves their daughter, Ryder, absolutely crushed.

Cheyenne isn't happy either, because co-parenting is a serious matter, one that Cory seems to have set aside for TV. Not cool.

Mackenzie McKee for Season 9B

Mackenzie McKee has arguably the least compelling segment of the teaser.

That's just fine -- she has earned enough ire from fans for her entirely off-screen behavior that few people are clamoring for more.

But she is clearly still having (understandable) conflicts with Josh. Very loud conflicts.

Maci Bookout Hangs with Bentley

Speaking of Mackenzies, Maci Bookout is clashing with her ex, Ryan Edwards, and his family (including Mackenzie Standifer).

During the last reunion, Maci and Taylor McKinney, her husband, clashed with Ryan's parents.

Jen and Larry were vocally complaining about how they feel that they don't get enough time with Bentley, their grandson, and blame Maci.

Ryan Edwards Harbors a Lot of Resentment

At the time, Taylor vocally defended Maci's commitment to getting them time with Bentley.

Now, some may be surprised to see Ryan and Mackenzie, given the reports of their firing that circulated in late March.

But we have to keep in mind how long ago this was all filmed (case in point, Cheyenne's pregnancy). Firing Ryan doesn't mean throwing out existing footage.

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