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It has become abundantly clear that Amelia Hamlin doesn’t miss Scott Disick after dumping him.

But can he say the same?

Judging by the most recent photos that Amelia has shared, he must be in serious withdrawal.

Her new photos leave absolutely nothing to the imagination in a tantalizingly sheer ensemble. Thank you, ma’am.

Photo via Instagram

20-year-old model Amelia Gray Hamlin’s eye-popping look was on full display over the weekend.

She was attending a London Fashion Week party for Perfect Magazine and for NoMad London.

The mesh ensemble included a hatler top and a slit skirt that exposed plenty of skin … and was also largely see-through.

Photo via Instagram

Amelia’s body is more jaw-dropping than her outfit, which is saying a lot.

She has put it on display both in and out of glamorous clothing on social media and in real life.

This time, she teased her ensemble with a caption reading "Free the nipple I guess" on her Instagram Story.

Photo via Instagram

Notably, her "I guess" addition is a nod to the way in which "free the nipple" is both an important cause on its own but can rub some the wrong way.

Some feminist critics have accused the movement, which protests how Instagram and society at large police women and their bodies, as being white feminism.

White feminism often focuses upon superficial ideas of empowerment while ignoring more serious social justice issues impacting women of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

Photo via Instagram

So maybe Amelia used "I guess" to indicate that she knows that there are more important things than what she can show on Instagram.

Or maybe she was just acknowledging that, well, you can see her nipples through her top.

Regardless, her sister Delilah Hamlin commented on the actual post: "I’ll borrow this next plz."

Amelia Hamlin In Leopard Print

Amelia has been thoroughly enjoying Fashion month, both in New York and in London.

The gorgeous young model of course missed usual events that had to be postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While that deadly pandemic continues to ravage much of the world, it is at least theoretically possible to have safe gatherings now. That’s something.

Photo via Instagram

Amelia has been making headlines all over the place for nearly a year.

She was hardly anonymous before that, with modeling gigs and reality TV appearances.

(And her parents are both genuinely famous people — Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin aren’t exactly no-names)

Photo via Instagram

But Amelia really became the focus of many when she was first romantically linked with Scott Disick.

At first, she and Scott claimed to just be friends, even though as a 19-year-old model, she was exactly his type.

Soon, the pretense faltered and fell apart. They were boning. They were dating.

Amelia Hamlin in a Mango Yoga Outfit

All of that changed somewhat recently, however.

In the wake of Scott’s humiliating, bitter DMs being exposed Younes Bendjima, it was more than apparent that he’s still obsessed with Kourtney.

You don’t text your ex’s other ex to complain about her PDA unless you’re still hung up on her. Especially if you and the other ex never got along.

Amelia Hamlin Just Voted for the First Time

This came after months of friction in the relationship, according to reports.

You date a guy who’s about twice your age and you’re bound to run across some problems eventually.

Sometimes, it’s just societal. But sometimes it’s just, well, that the guy’s a creep and there’s a reason that he’s picking up teens.

Amelia Hamlin in a Creative White Hoodie

Amelia is hot and living her best life while not letting Scott waste another moment of hers.

She got her merit badge for helping him cross the street or whatever, and she can go back to her beautiful fun life.

We wish her and her eye-popping, mind-numbing ensembles the very best.