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Kody Brown was at it again this past weekend.

By which we mean the following:

The father of 18 was once again acting like a selfish jerk who doesn’t actually care about various members of his family.

We’re not really sure why this comes as surprise at this point to anyone anymore.

Next to Janelle

A few days ago, as documented by one of Kody’s spiritual sister wives, Janelle Brown took a trip to her native state of Utah.

She did so in order to meet up with a large number of loved ones, posting the following photo on her Instagram page, along with the following caption:

"So fun to attend a family reunion in Park City, UT this weekend. Was so happy so many of the kids could come."

As part of this same message, Janelle made a reference Kody and Christine’s newest granddaughter, Avalon Asa Padron, born to their daughter Mykelti Brown Padron and her husband Antonio "Tony" Padron.

Photo via Instagram

"Mykelti, Tony and baby Avalon aren’t in the picture but I got some great snuggle time with the new grand-baby. She is the cutest thing," Janelle wrote.

"Her hair and rolls are the best."

As you may have surmised, meanwhile, Kody was not in attendance at this get-together.

Janelle never made any mentions of her husband nor did she upload any photos of him.

Brown, Janelle

This really isn’t a shocker, considering Kody didn’t even fly to New Jersey last year and keep his teenager company while she underwent spinal surgery.

And yet: Plenty of Sister Wives fans/viewers have reacted to Kody snubbing his family in this case with total and complete disgust.

"Did Kody attend?" one person asked Janelle in response to her post, while another added:

"Where are the other pics of the rest of the crew who came?"

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown

The answer, of course, is that no one else came.

Kody, in other words, did not go.

Just a few days prior to leaving for Utah, Janelle bragged about a date she went on with her husband, trying to make it clear to critics that everything was fine between the pair.

But that’s a pretty low and sad bar, isn’t it? To consider oneself lucky for going on the very occasional date with one’s spouse?

Janelle Brown with a Selfie

Last month, Janelle moved into a trailer and slammed a troll who criticized her RV lifestyle and accused Kody of letting this wife live like a "homeless" person.

"My husband didn’t do anything. I chose this. I’m shocked that you think I’m some sort of meek, mild person that can be told to do anything that I don’t agree to," Brown fired back, understandably angry.

She added at the time:

"I’m sorry you are so short-sighted and want to make rude comments from behind your keyboard."