Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, May Have Split from Dad of 8

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Colleen Conrad, the-long girlfriend of former reality star and perpetually polarizing dad Jon Gosselin, made a very sad admission late last week:

She has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In less important news, but in news relevant to this celebrity gossip website, Conrad may also have broken up with Gosselin.

Colleen and Jon

“I have been putting this off and debated even posting …” Colleen wrote on Instagram on Saturday, August 7.

“I went for a mammogram on 4/15. I had put it off for almost 2 1/2 yrs due to lack of time and Covid and later got a call that a mass was found in my right breast.

"Everything after that happened so fast. Then on 4/21, I got the call that is confirmed it was cancer. Stage 2, triple-negative breast cancer. I was BRCA1 and 2 negative.

"Everything seemed so surreal.”

Colleen Conrad, Boyfriend

Conrad and Gosselin -- who infamously starred in Jon and Kate Plus 8 and who has been feuding ever since with now-ex-wife Kate -- have been together for years.

"We’ve been through a lot together and everyday I love you more and more," wrote Colleen to and about Jon in late November, adding:

"I can’t imagine you not being in my life.

"I can’t wait to see what the coming years have in store for us! Happy 6th Anniversary Jon!!"

Jon Gosselin with Colleen

In making her reveal, though, Conrad went on to explain that she had a “single mastectomy” on her “right breast” on July 14 -- and then underwent a DIEP Flap procedure on July 30.

“I feel good. The DIEP flap was a personal choice for me. I am very happy with the outcome but I also had amazing surgeons at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia,” she wrote.

Following her surgery, Colleen learned that the cancer had not spread to her lymph nodes and her diagnosis was downgraded to “stage 1.”

She's still waiting to find out her “oncotype number,” which will determine if she will need to undergo chemotherapy.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, Playful in Florida

Continued Conrad:

“I was also lucky enough to have support through amazing friends and family but mostly my 2 kids Jesse and Jordan and my sister Debbie

"Even though my sister was 1200 miles away. She was always there supporting me. I have one last surgery in about 2 months but I feel good!"

Colleen encouraged her followers to do self-checks and “not put off” mammograms.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad on July 4th 2020

We're very glad to hear that Colleen is hopefully on a path to recovery.

We're glad to hear she caught this cancer and relatively early.

But we (and many other observers out there) can't help but wonder:

Why did Conrad not mention Gosselin a single time here? Did they split?

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad Share Birthday Cuddles

The pair started dating in 2014, five years after Jon and Kate finalized their divorce.

Many times in the past, Jon had been asked whether the two were going to get married.

“We just look at each other like ‘Eh.’ Because we’re both divorced so … Is there a point? We love each other,” Jon In Touch iin 2019.

“We’re committed to each other.”

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