Big Brother Recap: Who Exposed the Royal Flush Alliance?

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Alliances are the simplest way to secure safety in the Big Brother House...

But they're also an easy way to find yourself on the outs with everyone.

Going into one of the most unpredictable weeks in the history of Big Brother, it was inevitable the drama would heighten.

Big Brother 23 Endurance Competition

We'll start with the Head of Household competition, which left many things up in the air.

Tiffany and Azah did not want Alyssa to win, and why would they?

With Whitney gone, Christian was the next big target in the house, and his relationship with Alyssa made them a duo.

Whitney Williams for CBS

During the competition, many people fell off the wall of their own volition, including Claire.

She had already won safety for another few weeks, so why would she not want to remain under the radar?

When it got down to it, Alyssa, Xavier, and Derek X were left.

Alyssa knew she was falling, so Derek X promised her she would not hit the block, something he also promised Xavier.

Alyssa Lopez for CBS

Ultimately, they both fell, and Derek X was deemed the new Head of Household.

Derek X would probably have been a target this week had he not won, so props to him.

In the aftermath, Christian seemed to think Xavier had secured safety for him as part of the deal.

He was so wrong, and Tiffany got to work planting some seeds of doubt to get Christian evicted.

Tiffany Mitchel for CBS

Derek X knew he had to take the shot because Christian would come after him next week.

As Derek X, Tiffany, and Hannah schemed, Tiffany accidentally exposed the Royal Flush alliance, which Hannah had not been made aware of.

Hannah was shocked, but her two supposed allies complained that the alliance wasn't a big deal and was no longer a thing.

Hannah said everything was fine but made it clear to the audience she would be keeping the information in case she needs to use it down the line.

Even Sarah Beth wanted to work with Derek X and Hannah in the name of securing safety, but she was the one who wanted to sway the vote to evict Hannah last week.

Azah Awasum for CBS

This did not sit well with either of them, and they kept her as an option for eviction.

When it came to the nominations ceremony, Derek X nominated Britini and Sarah Beth for eviction, revealing that it was best for his game.

The plan, of course, is to nominate Christian after the veto and send him out the door.

Will the plan even work?

We don't know, but consider us intrigued!

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.

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