Jenelle Evans: Britney Spears Needs Freedom So She Can Post Her Boobs on the Internet!

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For the past several years, Jenelle Evans has been threatening to start a podcast.

The woman has a long history on never following through with anything, but against all odds, she actually managed to get the cleverly-titled Jenelle Eason podcast off the ground.

Well, sort of.

The first episode was just 11 minutes of Jenelle rambling incoherently, and the second installment ...

Jenelle and David Podcasting

... well, somehow it's even more of a trainwreck.

We understand that the best podcast hosts make it look easy, but someone should've told Jenelle and her special guest host David Eason that they needed to go into this thing with a little bit of preparation and a rough idea of what they wanted to say.

At the very least, they could have gotten out of bed to record the episode!

Jenelle Has a Podcast

But no, Jenelle and David decided to take an extremely casual, possibly sedated approach to the show's sophomore offering.

Over the course of a painful 44 minutes, the dead air was so frequent and so awkward that David finally felt the need to comment on it.

“I know this is Jenelle’s podcast but this is not the silence podcast!” Eason said. “Because Jenelle talks a lot!”

David Eason Crying

Ha! Making a boomer-y joke about blabbermouth women and insulting his wife's podcast at the same time! Classic David!

Anyway, eventually a conversation sort of began to take shape, and the Easons tackled a subject that's been all over the news in recent months.

No, thankfully they didn't launch into an anti-vax rant that prominently featured the word "sheeple."

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

What they did do was share their thoughs on Britney Spears' conservatorship and her ongoing legal battle against her father.

Perhaps not surpririsingly, David was mostly interested in discussing Britney's topless photos, which appeared on her Instagram page last week.

“I think she deserves freedom. Obviously she wants it, ‘cause she posted pictures of her boobies yesterday!” David said, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

Britney Spears Half Nude

“She wasn’t allowed to drive, she had to eat certain things, she couldn’t hang out with people, she couldn’t have friends,” Jenelle chimed in.

“Yeah, it’s really crazy how she got stripped of her simple, civil liberties.”

After a bit more rambling about Brit's "conservative-ship," David offered his take on transgender athletes.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason on a Date

“What I don’t understand is they allow men to compete as women and that’s not considered any sort of enhancement?" he asked.

"Like, come on! That’s an enhancement but you can’t smoke weed? It’s a friggin plant!”

From there, he shared his belief that energy drinks should be outlawed, because apparently he and Jenelle are health nuts now.

The Easons Pic

“It causes cancer, and the government knows it! “You know, the aspartame!” David enthused.

“Isn’t that like…sugar?” Jenelle responds.

And then, the conversation turned to Jenelle's very favorite topic -- her haters.

Evans, Eason, and Ensley

“I post one thing and they go cancelling me! Trying to contact the company and being like ‘She did this, she did that!’ Jenelle whined.

“Y’all can keep bringing up my past, but I’ve changed and everyone sees it!”

If everyone sees it then why does Jenelle keep getting called out and canceled? It's a mystery!

Jenelle Evans' Christmas Card 2020

“I think the hate dying down somewhat on our part. We’ve been through so much s--t; I’ve been so raw and public about everything," Evans rambled on.

"I told everyone ‘I’m leaving David’ and then ‘I’m getting back with him.’ I swallowed my pride and I didn’t really give a f**k about what people would think.

We probably don't need to tell you what happened next.

Jenelle Evans Weight Loss Photo

“I can do what I want, and that’s what the haters hate!” Jenelle says gleefully. “That’s why I like working at home, you can do whatever you want.

“You have your own schedule, you’re your own boss. No one’s telling you what to do. You just…do it…if I don’t feel good, I take a mental break and watch TikTok all day.”

“Well you do that most days,” David poiunted out.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

“That’s another thing I do—I sit down a lot,” Jenelle mumbled, clearly losing interest in her own podcast.

“I have to tell myself, ‘OK you’ve been doing this all day, sitting here editing or sitting here doin’ s**t on the computer. You need to go outside…yeah, that’s my day.”

That explains why she has so much time to obsess over the haters!

Jenelle and David at a Pot Dispensary

We don't tell her how to live her life, but she should probably try to squeeze making a nutritionally complete meal for her kids into her busy schedule.

We know it'll interfere with her busy days, but it seems like she should occasionally prioritize child care over arguing with strangers on the internet.

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