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Folks, it appears that Jenelle Evans is bored this week.

She’s been spending even more time on social media than usual — which is really saying something — and she and her chronically unemployed husband are clearly looking to stir up some drama.

Earlier today, we reported on David Eason embarrassing Jenelle with a bizarre TikTok video that left viewers aghast.

Now, Jenelle is humiliating herself on her own by reminding everyone that she’s still obsessed with Teen Mom 2 and its cast members.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

Jenelle hosted one of her frequent Instagram Q&A sessions this week, and it wasn’t long before the topic of her former co-stars came up.

"All the TM episodes are boring as F**k with exception of Bri. Wish you were on," one person wrote.

Not exactly a question, but there’s nothing that Jenelle loves quite like flattery.

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

So naturally, she replied by throwing shade at all of the Teen Mom 2 stars except for one:

"Bri is super real and blunt," Evans wrote, adding:

"She actually isn’t afraid to tell her story like the rest of them lol."

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

Yes, Jenelle went nuclear with that one, shading every cast member at once.

The thing is, if the show’s viewership numbers are any indication, Jenelle’s not wrong about it being boring.

Teen Mom 2 ratings are at an all time low, and the downward trend has been going on for quite some time.

Jenelle on Candace Owens

Jenelle made sure to indicate that she believes all of the cast members are to blame.

But there’s one Mom in particular who’s received the majority of the flak from fans, and we’re sure Jenelle is just fine with that.

As you probably recall, the Jenelle Evans-Kailyn Lowry feud was once regarded as the most intense beef in the history of the TM franchise.

Kail seems to enjoy a great deal of sway with the show’s producers, to the point that if a topic makes her uncomfortable, they’ll agree not to cover it.

Unfortunately, Kail does not have that kind of power over the internet, and the messier details of her life are generally made public anyway.

For instance, Lowry was arrested last year following an altercation with Chris Lopez.

Kailyn Lowry on Her Insta

She decided not to discuss the incident on the show, which would have provided it with some much-needed drama.

Fans are well aware of the incident, however, and many have called them to at least be mentioned on TM2.

"I wanna hear about Kail’s arrest," one person commented on Jenelle’s post.

Kailyn Lowry Stares and Stares

"Kail is fake. She always WANTS TO look good. Tell your story Kail good & bad!!!" another added.

"We all do. Too bad she’s fake af," a third chimed in.

Needless to say, Jenelle didn’t step in and encourage her followers to ease up on Kail.

Jenelle Is Injured

But to be fair, Jenelle spends most of her life on the internet catching one L after another.

So it makes sense that she couldn’t resist this golden opportunity to dunk on one of her rivals without ever mentioning Kail by name.

Come to think of it, this might be the most productive day of Jenelle’s life!