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Jana Duggar is looking good. Great, even! Maybe … too good?

For Jim Bob’s extreme rules, anyway. She has colored her hair and is wearing a form-fitting black dress.

Jim Bob’s unmarried daughters have to follow strict clothing rules

For Jana to break them … does this mean that she’s now following her new husband’s rules, not her dad’s?

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After weeks of transparently fake wedding registries in Jana’s name, finally, something comes from Jana herself.

The eldest Duggar daughter has been rumored to be in a courtship with Stephen Wissmann.

The signs are there. The clues are plentiful. But they have adamantly refused to confirm anything to the public.

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Now, look at Jana’s spectacular new look.

On Wednesday, she stepped out of a hairdressing salon with shorter, lighter hair featuring highlights.

Jana also wore a form-fitting dress that ended at her knee, showing off her lower legs and the form of her body.

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"Something new happened!" Jana captioned the glimpse at her new look.

She tagged her captions with: "#blonde #balayage #newhair #hairtransformation."

The difference in her new look is hard to miss!

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Now, there’s more than just an aversion to how hair dye might impact hair health that keeps the Duggars from dying their hair before marriage.

Jim Bob and Michelle believe in a twisted version of theology that frames women as lesser, property-like beings beside men.

In their minds, for a woman to dress in any way that might "defraud" a man into finding her attractive makes her some sort of vile temptress.

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This is why the Duggar daughters were taught to say "Nike" when a normally-dressed woman came nearby, directing their brothers to look at their shoes.

This is why they so often favor long sleeves and long dresses that do not fit especially well, to hide their form.

Anything else could elicit sexual thoughts, their cult teaches, and they are then blamed for the thoughts in men’s minds.

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Obviously, some of Jana’s sisters have managed to escape this extremely narrow set of style options.

Jinger went blonde. Jill got a nose piercing and has worn bathing suits.

But they have something in common that allowed them to live by different rules: they got married.

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See, when Jim Bob selected their husbands and "allowed" them to marry, he was effectively transferring "ownership" of them.

Instead of abiding by his rules as his property, they must now obey their new husbands.

Wearing pants, trying out new looks, drinking alcohol — their husband set the rules for their household, not their father … at least, in theory.

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If Jana is dying her hair and wearing a flattering dress … does that mean that she’s now married to Stephen Wissmann?

That would certainly explain why she can suddenly live by different rules.

Many fans, who have suspected that Jana and Stephen were at least courting since late last year, think — and even hope — that this is the case.

Ultimately, we don’t know. There could be a simpler explanation that is considerably less exciting.

It may be that, over time, without the show as a platform to promote their extreme lifestyle, and given Jana’s age, she is "allowed" to make these decisions.

But if Jana did marry Stephen, or were gearing up to marry him and getting styled for it, this would make a lot of sense, right?