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If you follow any of them on Instagram, then you’re probably aware that most of the Teen Moms supplement their income by posting links to clickbait-y articles on their social media pages.

Usually, that’s fine.

Though they’ve lasted much longer than most reality stars, these women are aware that their window of opportunity could close at any time.

In fact, with the way Teen Mom ratings have been declining in recent years, the cast members would be foolish not to cash in while they can.

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But there’s clickbait, and then there’s the sort of thing that Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout have been posting lately.

As you may have heard, the two Teen Mom OG stars have been testing the limits of good taste in recent months.

Maci and Catelynn have been spreading lies about their co-stars and even themselves in an effort to fulfill their clickbait contracts and cash in on what remains of their fame.

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First there was the time that Maci claimed Farrah Abraham’s 12-year-old daughter was pregnant.

Shortly thereafter, Catelynn hinted that Tyler’s father, Butch Baltierra, had died, which — of course — he has not.

That wouldn’t be a funny joke under any circumstances, but it’s especially messed up since Butch has been battling addiction and related health issues for most of his adult life.

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Now, Catelynn and Maci are once again peddling nonsense in hopes of racking up more clicks.

And once again, fans are not finding it funny.

Both stars posted links with headlines about the Baltierras going their separate ways.

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If you follow the link, it’ll take you to a Celebuzz post about how "fans are concerned" that Tyler and Catelyn might be separating.

It’s an old trick, and it’s especially effective right now because of the timing.

As you may have heard, there’s a rumor going around that Tyler and Catelynn are planning to divorce, even though she’s weeks away from giving birth.

Catelynn with a Smirk

Catelynn took things a step further posting a pic of her husband on Instagram, along with a caption reading:

"News regarding OUR DIVORCE has hit the press. #LinkInBio for my official statement."

Knowing that, whoever brokers the deals between the cast and these media decided to propose this outrageously misleading headline.

Catelynn Lowell on Season 9

They surely had the right to refuse the deal, but they didn’t.

So both Catelynn and Maci went along with the ruse, and a lot of fans were openly outraged by the attempt to mislead them. 

"Ugh. I wish she would just post normal life updates like Chelsea or Leah, The clickbaits are actually insulting the intelligence of her fans," wrote one person on Reddit, adding:

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell on Set

"Speaking of fans, I don’t know how she maintains her fan base."

"Is it though? Clearly the clickbait is working so some morons are giving her a sweet sweet payday," another one added.

"If only this was an announcement that she was done with clickbait …" a third critic chimed in.

Clearly, Catelynn and Maci are trying to cash in while they still can — but they might regret putting their reputations up for sale.