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To call Farrah Abraham’s parenting "questionable" is a colossal understatement.

This grim reality continues to alarm those thinking about Sophia’s social, educational, and emotional development.

Farrah recently had some (more) work done, sharing her butt injections with the world.

Now she’s talking about baring that booty at all times.

Farrah getting injections

Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram Stories to share a "quote of the day."

Most of the time, QOTDs are quotes by philosophers, historical figures, authors, poets, and religious thinkers.

Farrah’s is by the person whose opinion she values most: herself.

"I can spend all day naked," Farrah’s Instagram Story’s quote reads.

While she is almost dangerously relatable in that moment, there are a couple of concerns.

The first is that her daughter, Sophia, is 12 years old and has to live with this clownery.

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska
Photo via Instagram

Sophia can’t go to a real school — she hasn’t since she was eight.

But Farrah recently shared that Sophia will one day be able to attend school and try to catch up on her social development.

Which will be worse: Sophia being wrapped up in Farrah’s world, or Sophia having to face her peers after her mom’s latest butt video?

See, Farrah recently showcased her (at the time only half-naked) butt as she received a series of butt injections.

This cosmetic procedure was receiving butt filler "for the dimpling."

Stripped down to her thong, Farrah’s butt was jabbed full of the artificial filler to even out her butt cheeks.

Farrah has never been shy about sharing the procedures that she has undergone.

In many ways, that is to her credit, sharing lip injections, breast augmentation, a nose job, and a chin implant.

When Farrah discusses this work, it’s often in the form of an incoherent word salad about empowerment, but at least she’s honest. Mostly.

Sophia Abraham With a Pregnancy Test

However, many are concerned about what Farrah considers appropriate for Sophia.

Tween years are especially hard, and even more so for young girls, whom society bombards with unfair body images.

Think Instagram influencers with perfect filters and lighting are bad for self-esteem? Imagine your mom fretting over her butt.

Photo via Instagram

Sophia’s self-esteem is only part of the worry, however.

Farrah seems to drag Sophia into inappropriate situations, from unmasked indoor gatherings to alcohol-fueled yacht parties.

No one is accusing Farrah of supplying her 12-year-old with alcohol, but … is Sophia even safe on some dude’s yacht while her mom parties?

Farrah and Sophia on a Yacht

One voice is in Farrah’s corner: allegedly the voice of Sophia herself.

On TikTok, Sophia’s account appeared to defend Farrah.

"I got a bed, I got a roof, and I’m fine," Sophia told fans, apparently of her own free will.

Of course, some of the messages from "Sophia" seem like they are exactly what Farrah would say and how she would say it.

This could mean that Farrah is writing on Sophia’s account while claiming to be Sophia.

It could also mean that Farrah’s jumbled thoughts and inability to write coherently has been passed on to Sophia.

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

Frankly, we’re not sure which of those possibilities is worse.

Farrah’s fondness for going without clothing is relatable to many of us … but should she say it?

Being a parent doesn’t mean that you’re not a person, but you do need to keep your kid in mind when you post whatever’s on your mind, you know?