Madison LeCroy Stuns in Swimsuit, May Be Trying to Seduce Alex Rodriguez

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We're going to begin this post with a few facts.

FACT #1: Alex Rodriguez is single.

The former steroid-using professionall baseball player ended his engagement to Jennifer Lopez in April, taking very few observers by surprise upon doing so.

Not after he and J. Lo continually postponed their wedding and rumors of tension ran rampant weeks before this decisive announcement.

Madison LeCroy Bikini Pic

FACT #2: Rodriguez and Madison LeCroy connected on at least one occasion in 2020 via FaceTime.

The Southern Charm cast member confirmed this supposedly innocent relationship for herself at the show's reunion many months ago, stating that she does definitely knows A-Rod...

... in some kind of capacity.

"He's never physically cheated on his fiancée with me," LeCroy also told Page Six, using very specifc language at the time and prompting understandable speculation about their relationship.

Madison LeCroy in a Bathing Suit

LeCroy added that she and A-Rod "talked randomly, but not consistently" at various points while the latter was engaged to Lopez.

Due to these remarks, many celebrity gossip followers have been under the impression that LeCroy and A-Rod's FaceTiming may have involved simultaneous masturbation.

And, therefore, may also have contributed to Rodriguez getting dumped by Lopez.

Not that J. Lo ever said as much. She has taken the highest of roads amid her break-up from A-Rod (while very publicly dating Ben Affleck, of course).

Madison LeCroy is Hot

FACT #3: LeCroy has shared a slew of brand new bikini photos.

"I’ve always been a fan of @beachriot swimsuits and so I was extremely honored when they asked me to represent their brand!" LeCroy wrote as a caption to one of these sizzling snapshots.

"I can’t wait for y’all to see what else we have in store!"

As you can see, it sounds as if LeCroy has struck up a sponsorship deal with the company behind these bathing suits.

Madison LeCroy with Wild Hair

And this may very well be the case.

But it's possible that LeCroy agreed to become a spokeswoman specifically so could have an excuse to model these two-pieces... and send a not-so-subtle message to Rodriguez in the process.

Seriously, we can only imagine the athlete's response to these photos, you know?

He'll likely be firing up his FaceTime once again in the very near future, prepared to stroke.

Madison LeCroy on Video

LeCroy, of course, also says she has a boyfriend.

She has uploaded a number of photos of herself and this individual, although she's refrained to offer up his name.

Because she respects his privacy?


Madison LeCroy On a Boat

But also, perhaps, because he doesn't actually exist.

Could LeCroy have just hired an actor to play the role? Or convinced a friend to act as her lover for a bit in order to lure A-Rod out of hiding and back into her DMs?

It seems possible.

That's all we're saying.

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