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Spencer Pratt living up to his last name is nothing new.

The The Hills: New Beginnings star recently went off on his castmates, calling them terrible reality stars.

One of them, Caroline D’Amore, is clapping back hard.

She says that Spencer and Heidi are “ungrateful” jerks who can’t handle fame or money and are woefully out of touch. Yeah.

The Spencer Pratt

Spencer has put his castmates on blast, blaming them for failing to provide good material for The Hills: New Beginnings.

“It’s not getting renewed, it’s not even a maybe,” Spencer accused.

He called Justin Bobby a “fraud” and accused Audrina Patridge of being “boring” and “inauthentic.”

Spencer Pratt Shrugs While Heidi Montag Beams
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Spencer even played backseat producer, speaking of how he would stir up trouble on purpose.

“I would’ve literally been like, ‘Hey Audrina, how do you feel about Kaitlynn? Say what you really said about Ashley,'” he described.

Spencer added: “‘Oh, Justin. You and Brody? You two hate each other, could we talk about that?’”

Spencer Pratt and Hummingbird Nectar
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“I would’ve done all that,” Spencer claimed. “But I’m not getting paid more to do that.”

“You guys don’t want to make a good show? Fine,” he complained.

“I’ll wait for this one out, bye,” Spencer added.

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Caroline D’Amore is hitting back with some not-inaccurate descriptions of Spencer and Heidi.

“It’s hurtful to all the producers. You’re literally going around saying, ‘the show is terrible,’” she said in a recent podcast interview.

Caroline added: “And by the way, the ratings are really good. They’re really high. And they’re growing every single week.”

Caroline D'Amore
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“People put their lives at risk to film during a pandemic,” she pointed out. “Forget us who are all getting nice paychecks. And this and that.”

“How about the entire production team? How about the producers that worked their butts off for you ungrateful assholes… [y]ou’re tearing them apart,” Caroline noted.

“You’re tearing their businesses apart, their livelihoods apart?” she added. “It’s ungrateful. It’s disgusting.”

Spencer Pratt and Amethyst
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“They’re literally complaining on the episode right now that they’re going broke,” Caroline noted.

She said that this is “because they’re spending $7,000 a month on food and buying $60 burritos.”

“And they think that’s funny during a pandemic, when people are starving,” Caroline scolded.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, and Brody Jenner Are Back!
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Spencer and Heidi have famously not handled financial success well in the past, blowing through several fortunes on … nothing.

“They have no jobs and nothing and then they go out and tear the show apart,” Caroline added.

She continued: “It’s disgusting… I’m embarrassed to be associated with that.”

Caroline noted that she was not the only one who was angry, but didn’t expect everyone to openly speak out.

Some castmates “don’t want to deal with the wrath that you get from Heidi and Spencer if you go against them.”

“I know it scares some people to speak their truth about them,” Caroline explained, “because they will come for them.”

Photo via MTV

Bad behavior will persist as long as it is rewarded, and Spencer has made a modest career out of being his douchey self.

Caroline is right about how wildly insensitive he is to how people with actual financial struggles have suffered, and to the risks taken to make the show.

Nielsen Ratings also agree with Caroline about viewership. Average viewers per episode are significantly higher in Season 2 than in Season 1.