90 Day Fiance Star Wanted by Police After Barbershop Shooting

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After literal years of buildup (and setbacks), Ashley Martson and Jay Smith finalized their divorce earlier this year.

Infamously, one of Jay's many cheating incidents was revealed by his barbershop friends.

One of those men, whom 90 Day Fiance viewers saw on their screens, is dead.

The other man is the main suspect, and police are now offering a cash reward.

Ashley Martson at GQ Barbershop

Infamously, Jay Smith boned a random girl in the bathroom of GQ Barbershop.

He didn't own the place. He didn't even really work there.

The owners had generously allowed him to do some tattoo work there.

Kendell Cook on 90 Day Fiance

Kendell Cook and Michael Baltimore didn't just tell Ashley Martson about Jay's cheating.

They also showed her video evidence of Jay facing the consequences for "disrespecting" their establishment.

Namely, Jay got a little roughed up on the video.

Michael Baltimore on 90 Day Fiance (starcasm graphic)

Since then, tragedy has afflicted GQ Barbershop.

There was a shooting on the night of Saturday, May 22.

A man naed Anthony Lamar White was injured. Kendell Cook was killed.

Kendell Cook appears on 90 Day Fiance

Now, Michael Anthony Baltimore is wanted by police in connection with the shooting.

He is currently their prime suspect.

According to law enforcement, he is considered both armed and dangerous.

Michael Baltimore at GQ Barbershop

"Crime Stoppers along with the ATF is offering a reward up to a $7000 cash for information to Crime Stoppers leading to the capture of Baltimore," a recent statement read.

"We don’t need your name," the release adds. "We don’t need you to come to court and testify about his crimes."

"We want to know where he is," the statement adds, "so we can peacefully arrest him."

Ashley Martson Looks Majestic

Law enforcement of course asks that no one approach Michael Baltimore.

It is very fair and wise to regard law enforcement statements with skepticism, but that, at least, is honestly good advice.

Even if this is all some sort of colossal misunderstanding, even innocent people can make mistakes when confronted.

Jay Smith Packs on the PDA with Ashley Martson

Now, those of us who don't live in or around Carlisle, Pennsylvania are pretty unlikely to spot Michael Baltimore.

But this is also relevant information to 90 Day Fiance fans and viewers.

It is always relevant to know more about the people you see on TV.

Ashley Martson Lounges in a Shiny Robe

Obviously, some details of their lives are private -- that's true of anyone -- and should remain so.

But when people appear on reality television, fans and viewers are naturally interested in their lives.

And quite frankly, it never hurts to know if someone on TV is good or bad.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Stage a Fake "Wedding"

Not everyone is like Angela Deem -- showing viewers exactly who and what they are.

Others, like Geoffrey Paschel, only showed red flags on camera.

It was only through off-camera research that fans discovered the terrible truth about what Geoffrey is really like.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

In other cases, like with Lisa Hamme, the show's editors actively helped her cover up what sort of person she is.

At the Tell All, it was revealed that she had called her then-husband, Usman Umar, the N-word.

That was edited out of the Tell All that aired, and the world only learned of it because the special leaked.

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