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Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry bonded last week over a subject with which both Teen Mom veterans are far more familiar than they’d like to be:

Deadbeat baby daddies.

By now, most celebrity gossip followers are well aware that Lowry has two young children with Chris Lopez, someone who seems to lack any real interest in being a father.

Kailyn has pointed this out on many occasions.

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Messer, conversely, hasn’t said much about Jeremy Calvert in a long time.

Until, that is, she appeared on the latest episode of Lowry’s Baby Mama No Drama podcast and shed some light on what sounds like an unfortunate situation.

According to Leah, Calvert basically never sees Addie, the daughter he shares with Messer.

That’s scarcely an exaggeration, either.

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Messer didn’t give an exact date in regard to the last time her eight-year old saw her dad, but told Lowry the next meeting wouldn’t take place until October.

“She won’t see him [until then],” Leah said on air. “She’ll see his parents occasionally.”

Sadly, this has become the status quo, too.

Jeremy apparently is gone nearly all the time for his job, prompting Addie to confide in her mother that ‘I really don’t miss dad,’ Messer told Kailyn and her listeners.

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"As sad as that sounds, she said, ‘I think I’m just used to it. And she probably really is. Ever since she was born he was always out of town," added Messer.

Later in the podcast, Leah stated that she doesn’t speak to Jeremy very often herself, stating for the record:

“Jeremy and I’s communication has slimmed to where I think it should be, as far as my boundaries being respected and nothing further."

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Messer and Calvert had a complicated history for awhile.

They were up. They were down. They were fighting. They were sleeping with each other.

At last check, however, they stopped getting it on back in late 2019 and haven’t really been on great terms since then.

This may be best for Leah and Jeremy themselves, but it’s not an ideal situation for young Addie.

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Messer, meanwhile, claims her kids are ready to see her with a new man.

"You do need to go on a date soon, you need to actually find someone nice," Aleeah told her parent on this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode.

Leah didn’t really argue, but later said in a confessional:

"I want to be physically, mentally 100% before I add anyone else to me life."

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She added that she hopes she show them an "example of a healthy relationship" so they "can hopefully to do it differently than what I did," which was an indirect shot at Jeremy.

Could that flame ever be rekindled, though?

"This will NEVER happen!" Leah told a follower who recently asked if she’d get back together with Calvert.

"We all get along very well and put our daughter’s best interest first," she added of Jeremy and also ex Corey Simms, concluding:

"I prefer to keep it that way. I will always wish them the best in life."