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On this side of the pond, it’s widely agreed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were fully justified in their decision to leave the UK and start a new life in Southern California.

But a majority of Brits still take an unfavorable view of the couple and believe that their actions have been harmful to the royal family, and by extension, the nation.

It’s hard to see things from the perspective of those folks, but it seems Harry is making an effort to do exactly that.

Insiders say Harry is willing to admit that both sides could have handled the Sussex’s departure more gracefully — unfortunately, it seems he’s the only one who’s open to accepting any blame.

Will and Meg

According to journalist and royal historian Robert Lacey, Harry has made it clear that he’ll do whatever it takes to begin fixing his relationship with his family.

Unfortunately for Harry, neither Prince William nor Meghan Markle is willing to do the same.

"On one side we’ve got William who doesn’t seem prepared to concede anything and on the other side friends have told me that Harry wouldn’t mind reconciling and then it’s Meghan who is sticking to her guns on this issue," Lacey recently told the Daily Mail.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: A Photo
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"It should surely be possible for both sides to say the past is in the past. It’s very regrettable that Meghan doesn’t withdraw just a little. Why can’t she say it was the pressure?

"’I was getting used to this incredibly complicated system, I was just pregnant, I couldn’t sleep’….’Perhaps in retrospect I went over the top about it,’" Lacey imagines Meghan saying.

"Harry is prepared to acknowledge the role that just sheer temper played at unfortunate moments—notably in the so-called blindsiding early in 2020. He actually is prepared to admit, in a way that William doesn’t seem to be."

Prince William and Harry
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The issue of William and Harry’s strained relationship is making headlines again this week due to the unveiling of a Princess Diana memorial statue that will be attended by both brothers.

However, it does not seem that the brothers will be seizing the opportunity to make peace.

Lacey’s comments are absolutely dripping with misogyny, but amazingly, he’s not the only one who thinks Meghan should suck it up and blame her anger on her pregnancy.

Meghan Markle and Harry Interview

"I don’t know what they can do under the present circumstances," royal biographer Hugo Vickers said this week in an interview with UK tabloid The Express. 

"Harry has got to wake up to what’s going on. It’s a very unpleasant situation and I don’t think it’s going to be the right moment this week," Vickers added, concluding with this vile comment:

"Harry is so under the thumb of Meghan it is not really possible until he emerges from that."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Under an Umbrella
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Yes, the "Meghan is a manipulative shrew who’s bending Harry to her will" argument is alive and well.

And it remains as nauseating as ever.

Do these people really believe that Harry’s rift with his family is the result of him being controlled by his wife?

Prince Harry in 2016
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On the occasion of the unveiling of a Princess Diana memorial statue, are still as they still so clueless that they can’t see how Harry was motivated by a desire to protect his family?

Unfortunately, these diehard royalists are so mired in nationalism and a blind allegiance to tradition that they’re incapable of the slightest objectivity when discussing these matters.

And these are the same people who are shaping the views of much of the UK populace.