Angela Deem Viciously Body-Shames Michael Ilesanmi: Now YOU Need Surgery!

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Despite drawing in ratings and making headlines, Angela Deem is increasingly unpopular among fans.

Many of the things that make her must-watch TV are also things that now drive viewers to fast-forward through segments.

And the gall of her on-screen treatment of Michael is not the whole story.

She is also extending her cruelty towards her husband on social media in the most hypocritical way imaginable.

Angela Deem Laughs Out Loud

Last year, Angela Deem underwent the beginning of a dramatic body transformation.

She underwent multiple weight loss surgeries prompted by alleged health concerns.

As a result, Angela shed 100 pounds.

Angela Deem Smiles With Her Hair Up

Though her journey is ongoing, the results already speak for themselves!

One thing that she did not give up was her fondness for smoking wherever, whenever she wants.

In addition to this olfactory terrorism, she also does not seem to have given up being cruel and verbally abusive towards her husband.

Angela Deem berates and insults Michael

On Season 6 of Happily Ever After?, viewers have seen Angela scream and yell vicious abuse at Michael.

This is no different from how she treats him in person, of course. No one deserves that.

This led to her declaring (again) that they're done, this time speaking to a divorce attorney.

Michael Ilesanmi - I'm tired of her (yelling etc)

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, Michael met up with friends.

During that meet up, he spoke to the camera about how he had put on weight during pandemic lockdown.

He was clearly self-conscious about this. Angela decided to post this:

Angela Deem IG laugh emojis over Michael Ilesanmi weight gain

Angela took to her Instagram Stories to share screenshots of Michael discussing his slight weight gain.

She plastered the screenshots, complete with their captions, with tearful laughing emojis.

The only meaning that fans could draw from this was that she was laughing at her husband, mocking him.

Angela Deem complains that Michael has not been supportive

Now, some may want to give Angela the benefit of the doubt here.

(All that it takes to do so is a lot of optimism and completely ignoring all of her behavior in the past)

Maybe she was ... I don't know ... laughing because Michael's weight gain was minor and barely noticeable?

Michael Ilesanmi - we got into a big fight

Unfortunately, anyone that willing to gloss over Angela's history of pointless cruelty and emotional abuse towards her husband would be wrong.

Angela recently spoke to Dr. Drew in an interview.

During that interview she openly laughed about Michael's body, joking that he might "need" a similar weight loss surgery to her own.

Angela Deem wants a divorce, she tells Lew, her attorney

Even her most generous fans, who try to buy into her farcical "strong woman" justifications, are stumped.

Best case scenario, she's mocking Michael because he was opposed to her surgery, but now "needs" (according to her) his own.

Even if that's all, it's still an unconscionable way to speak about anyone, let alone an alleged loved one.

Michael Ilesanmi to Angela Deem - I didn't mistreat you

The way that Angela chooses to treat fellow human beings is simply unspeakable.

The fact that she treats her husband, whom she is supposed to love, in this way is heartbreaking.

Just as many viewers have found her on-screen behavior to be hard to watch, her off-screen antics seem to indicate that it's not an act.

Angela Deem says that she's done; marriage brought her only grief

Despite appearances, Angela Deem is only 55 years old.

Though that is young to have so many grandchildren, she is probably too old to change her ways.

If she were going to choose to become a better person, she likely would have done so a long time ago.

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