Josh Duggar Dead? Family Slams "Keyboard Warriors" for Spreading Rumors

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In court this month, Josh Duggar's attorneys accused prosecutors of hiding evidence during a struggle over discovery.

As fans celebrate Josh's downfall, however, an eye-catching new story began to circulate.

An apparent obituary made the rounds, claiming that Josh had died -- months before his jury trial is set to begin.

His attorneys claim that it's entirely false, and his family is just pissed.

Josh Duggar at a Game

If you use social media very much, you may have noticed an uncomfortable phenomenon.

Some people will just see a tweet or a headline, no matter how vague, and assume that they know what it says and that it's true.

If you're reading these words, you're clearly the sort of person who does want to know more than a 10-word headline can convey. Good.

Josh Duggar Looks Happy

Across multiple social media platforms, users claimed that "former American reality TV personality Josh james Duggar ... died."

Uncritical retweets and reposts acted like a game of telephone, with some believing that it was true.

Some were sad. Some were confused. Some were downright hopeful.

Josh Duggar Close Up

If you saw the news and felt a glimmer of hope, we have the grim task of quashing that optimism.

According to Josh's attorney, Travis W. Story, Josh is very much allive.

In fact, he says that he's spoken to Josh since being asked about it.

Anna and Josh Duggar And Baby

Story told The Sun: "Thanks for your concern."

"I have communicated with my client this afternoon since your inquiry," he shared.

"And," Story confirmed, "there is no truth to that rumor."

The Masked Devil

In case anyone is worried that there's an elaborate conspiracy theory to pretend that a dead man is still alive, Story's story fits.

Multiple county coroner's offices in the area confirm not having Josh's body.

Additionally, there have been no emergency calls placed by the Reber family, as one might if someone had up and died on their watch.

Josh Duggar Behind Bars

An inside source close to the Duggar family has also opened up on this topic.

"Many of the family are trying to stay away from what is written about Josh at the minute," the insider shared.

The source added that they are discouraged "especially from looking at Twitter comments since his arrest."

Anna Duggar and Awful Husband

"And despite public opinion of him right now," the insider explained.

The source expressed that "it's very upsetting to hear keyboard warriors are making up these rumors."

The source concluded: "and causing more stress for them at such an awful time."

Josh Duggar, Wife Photo

There are many reasons, some better than others, for resenting that false stories would circulate about Josh.

Maybe misleading tales of his death made someone feel sad for his family. Maybe it made them feel hopeful.

Or maybe every false rumor that gets claimed as true gives Duggar apologists ammunition to claim that even genuine information is "fake."

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar and Child

The sad fact is that there are some who follow the Duggar family, not like tracking the aftermath of a storm, but out of genuine admiration.

Jim Bob and Michelle covering up for Josh, or even Josh's crimes -- confessed and alleged alike -- are all things that some find excusable.

So when they hear any wild rumor reported as fact and then debunked, they use it to cast false doubt on true stories.

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