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During her time as a reality star, Chelsea Houska was regarded as the most popular star in the Teen Mom franchise.

Fans were distressed when Houska quit Teen Mom 2, as they feared that she would avoid the public eye altogether, and they would no longer receive updates about her life and family.

Fortunately, that hasn’t happened, and instead, Chelsea has continued sharing her life with fans via Instagram.

But a recent controversy surrounding Houska’s content might have reminded her way she decided to step away from center stage in the first place.

Chelsea With a Baby

Back in January, Chelsea welcomed her fourth child, a girl named Walker.

Fans were almost as overjoyed as Chelsea was, and they delighted in steady stream of baby pics she posted to her page.

Earlier this week, however, a handful of eagle-eyed followers noticed that something was amiss.

Reddit users pointed out that there was a marked difference between earlier versions of Chelsea’s pics and the ones that currently appear on her page.

Obviously, retouching her pics is Chelsea’s prerogative, but fans have expressed concerns about the possibility that she’s presenting a false version of her life on social media.

"The before is better! I think she’ll regret having zero unfiltered photos when her kids are older," one redditor wrote, according to The Sun.

"I can’t stand how trendy she tries to be. It’s so forced. And these filters are the worst," a second added.

"The before looks so much better," a third chimed in. 

"Seems so unnecessary to edit the original…" a fourth argued.

Chelsea Houska Is an Entrepreneur

It’s worth noting that Chelsea is not retouching her pics for purely aesthetic reasons.

She’s been marketing a "pack" of filters that she uses on her page — just one of several business ventures she’s launched since stepping away from television.

So by using the filters herself, she’s advertising them to her 2.3 million followers.

"Chelsea has been using this pack on her feed and is obsessed with the matte and edgy look it gives all her photos, especially the ones of Cole [DeBoer, her husband],"

Unfortnately, the editing tools have received mixed reviews from Chelsea’s fans.

"So these amazing filters make you look orange and kind of dusty? I’m good," one person commented.

Chelsea Houska Says Goodbye

"Shouldn’t a filter… make you look good?" another asked.

"Chelsea has the worst presets tho. Also, clean your mirror, look at those damn smudges," a third chimed in.

Needless to say, Chelsea is no longer enjoying the unadulterated adulation that she received as a reality star.

Chelsea Houska's Final Episode

The overwhelming majority of the comments on her page are still positive, but there’s a growing contingent of critics who are taking issue with Houska’s completely innocuous Instagram posts.

It’s a strange development that we never saw coming, but we suppose anyone who’s famous long enough eventually finds themselves on the receivng end of some unwanted insights.

This is probably the sort of thing Chelsea hoped to avoid by stepping away from the world of reality television, but unfortunately, in 2021, anyone who uses social media is bound to receive some hate from random strangers.