Jessa Duggar Deletes YouTube Comments to Prevent Baby Name Spoilers, Boost Video View Metrics

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Over the weekend, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their fourth child.

Like many famous parents, they did not initially reveal everything about their newborn.

When Jessa revealed her daughter's name, it was actually a little controversial.

Not the name -- but the way that Jessa wants money for every person who learns it.

Jessa Duggar Birth Photo

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's fourth child's name wasn't uploaded in a simple Instagram caption.

Instead, the mother uploaded a YouTube video with the news.

She also teased the name announcement ... as if eager for clicks on her video so that she could monetize the views.

Jessa Duggar Baby Photo #4

Just because Jessa's big reveal is on YouTube hasn't prevented drama from playing out on Instagram.

If you have ever shared any link with anyone on social media, you know that some people will always want to make you do the work for them.

That was Jessa's experience, too, with tons of commenters asking what the dang name was already.

Jessa Duggar YouTube Still

They weren't asking Jessa, necessarily. Jessa had already made a whole video about it.

Instead, they were asking other followers.

If clicking a simple link in someone's bio is "work," then they were basically asking to copy off of each other's homework.

Jessa Duggar IG comments asking for the name

Some followers scolded those asking or straight-up ignored them.

Others, wanting to be helpful and perhaps figuring that they might not be able to access the video at the time, simply answered.

But those "helpful" answers swiftly began to disappear.

Jessa on Counting On

How desperate does someone have to be for money to delete hundreds of comments just to drive up YouTube engagement?

"Jesse deleting aaallllllll the comments with baby Seaworlds name," one redditor noted.

That same Reddit denizen added: "Someone is hungry for YouTube money!"

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Pregnancy Announcement

"Omg isn’t she tired and sore and like, feeding a baby? Who even has the time?" asked one puzzled social media user.

Another redditor opined an answer: "She's desperate for the views to get more Youtube money!"

Not all YouTube videos are profitable, but a famous person can relatively easily monetize vlogging if they do it well.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Video Pic

Another commenter expressed: "Hopefully she keeps that money for she and Ben and Jboob doesn't try to take a cut."

"She must be desperate," the Redditor observed. "That's ridiculous and boob living it up."

How desperate must you be to scour through so many comments just to find a few that give away the goods?

Jessa Lauren Duggar Seewald

However, Jessa may have had an easier time redacting the comments than fans imagine.

"There's actually a feature, you just use the censor setting where you censor certain words like swear words," suggested one commenter.

The commenter reasoned: "So she prob just inputted 'fern' and bots just do it for her."

Is Jessa Duggar Pregnant?

Yes, Baby Seaworld is named Fern Elliana Seewald.

So if you recently tried to suggest that Jessa read Where The Red Fern Grows, she didn't delete your comment because she hates you.

It was just filtered out. (If you suggested that her kids watch Fern Gully, though, she's probably against it for ideological reasons)

Jessa Duggar Wears Pants

The wee baby Fern was born on Sunday, July 18.

Jessa and Ben announced that they had given birth to a daughter and shared her name on a YouTube video compilation.

The compilation also documented the daughter's difficult birth -- one that followed over 12 hours of painful contractions.

Jessa Duggar and 3 Kids

Jessa received not one but two epidurals, after the first attempt failed.

She opted to give birth in a hospital, which is unusual but not unheard of among the Duggar clan.

Home birth is often a symbolic way of choosing independence from a "sinful" society, beginning decades of isolation for the children born.

Jessa Duggar and Co.

Jessa explained how she and Ben reached this decision after a lot of discussion.

Their three home births all had worked well ... except for Jessa's postpartum hemorrhages, which have happened twice.

Giving birth to their fourth child in a hospital made sense, just in case she needed treatment.

Jessa Duggar on YouTube

Baby Fern is also the couple's rainbow baby.

Last year, the two were devastated after suffering a miscarriage.

Their newborn daughter was born healthy ... as anyone watching their YouTube channel already knows.

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