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Last month, Gwen Stefani sparked major secret wedding rumors with a wildly unsubtle post.

The saga of her bizarre, highly publicized romance with Blake Shelton has stirred wedding questions for years.

But a half decade of teases, hints, and rumors is at an end.

The wedding is real, and it’s happening extremely soon.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Engaged

Recently, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been visiting Oklahoma.

Now, numerous reports have confirmed that the pair applied for a marriage license in Johnston, Oklahoma.

Once it is issues, state law establishes a ticking clock until it expires.

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Gwen and Blake will have only 10 days after the license is issued to marry.

Even if it is not granted until July 20 (somehow), that would mean a July wedding.

And it is much more likely to be granted sooner than that, if it has not been handed out already.

Blake with Gwen

Blake and Gwen have been officially dating since three months after she filed to divorce her ex, Gavin Rossdale.

Gwen had discovered evidence that he was being unfaithful with their children’s nanny.

She filed to divorce him in early August of 2015. By November, she was dating her The Voice co-star.

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It was an odd relationship for fans to process, largely because they were primarily distinct groups.

Gwen’s fans and Blake’s fans had little personal overlap, and many were bewildered that the two had anything in common.

Somehow, the whirlwind romance only took months before it first began to spark engagement rumors.

UPDATE: They’re married!

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Time and time again, there were rumors — ranging from the wild to the very believable.

They didn’t manage to pan out, but the relationship remained as strong as ever.

Even Ellen DeGeneres (before her epic fall from grace) pressed Gwen about the marriage rumors.

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One could certainly argue that the two have spent most of the past decade "engaged to be engaged."

But it was only after five years of dating that Blake officially proposed.

In October of 2020, Blake popped the question — and Gwen said yes.

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Recently, the sight of a sparkly wedding band beside her engagement ring sparked rumors that they were already married.

And just last month, Gwen and her family celebrated her bridal shower.

Gwen also shared that she and Blake intend to have a safely low-key wedding event.

Gwen Stefani in Red with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani is a tremendously successful singer who is tremendously popular with Millennial audiences.

She has enjoyed a massive LGBTQ+ fanbase.

Gwen also found herself favorably compared to Senator Ted Cruz in 2016, when stunned social media users realized that she is older than he is.

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Blake Shelton embodies a lot of what many consider wrong with the Country music scene these days.

The genre was not always irreparably entangled with songs about beer and trucks performed by wealthy white men.

Additionally, many felt that Blake threw Miranda Lambert under the proverbial bus during their divorce.

Gwen Stefani in Black with Blake Shelton

Blake and Gwen apparently bonded backstage when Gwen shared her story of having been cheated upon.

It sounds like she told her then-castmates more than she has ever really detailed to the public.

Blake approached her and claimed to have recently undergone something similar.

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Of course, though Blake certainly accused Miranda of having cheated on him, it’s been reported that it was a two-way street.

It seems clear that, given Gwen’s views on fidelity and her history with Gavin, she does not believe that Blake is a cheater.

Let’s hope that she’s right. Soon, these two music titans will be married … if they are not already.