Grey's Anatomy Shocker: Could Derek Be Alive?!?

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Grey's Anatomy has been known to stun viewers.

On a very frequent basis.

Typically, however, this powerhouse drama leaves jaws across the country firmly dropped on the floor as the result of an unexpected death.

According to one writer's incredible new theory, though?

Hi, Meredith

Grey's Anatomy may soon drop the biggest bombshell in television history -- by revealing that a key character is actually alive.

Allow us to explain, okay? While acknowleding that this is such a gigantic stretch that not even Gumby could pull it off...

In April 2015, the ABC series killed off Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd.

It did so amid some complains from the actor that he had grown tired of playing the role, and it did so in truly heartbreaking fashion.

mer and steamy

On his way to the airport for a trip to Washington D.C. -- to participate in the Brain-Mapping Initiative, at the behest of the President -- Derek came upon a car accident on an isolated and went about doing what he does best.

He saved four lives.

After emergency vehicles arrived, Derek stepped aside and answered the phone.

Right as he did, McDreamy was run over by a semi-truck.

derek dies

Derek was rushed to the OR.

However, it took a neurosurgeon over an hour to arrive and, by the time doctors could even figure out what was going on... Meredith's soulmate had been pronounced brain dead.

It was horrifying. It was gut-wrenching. It was nearly impossible to witness Meredith sitting alongside the hospital bed and saying goodbye to the love of her life.

But was it real?

bye, derek

An article up at has thrown out the following hypothesis:

What if the same President -- the one who valued Derek so much that he offered him a job in D.C., only to be turned down -- arranged for Derek to fake his death so that he'd be free from his marital restraints and therefore free to do important government work?

Or what if this President manipulated the situation so that Derek was just on the verge of death... Meredith bid farewell...

... and then Derek was whisked away, eventually revived and forced to work for the government?

McDreamy and Meredith Reunite on Grey's Anatomy

In some way, shape or form, this theory goes, the President arranged for Derek's death to be faked.

Sound outrageous?

Not to any viewer of Scandal, another Shonda Rhimes-produced show that specialized in twists and turns of this nature.

derek as groom

Sound ridiculous? Because Meredith visited an allegedly dead Derek on a beach while she was in a Covid-induced coma ths past season?

Not really.

Not if Meredith believes her husband has passed away.

It would make sense, in that case, for her subconscious to react as it did, imagining Derek in this quasi and beautiful heaven, which is where Meredith interacted with multiple late loved ones this spring.


Now, look, do we actually believe this proposition?

No. Not even a tiny bit.

Grey's Anatomy is headed into its likely final season, however.

And if the show wants to go out with a finale stunner that will truly never be topped ever again? This would be the way to go.

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