Julia Trubkina Claps Back at Trolls: Why Are 90 Day Fiance Fans Giving Her Grief?

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90 Day Fiance fans are torn over how they feel about Julia Trubkina.

Some have loved her from the first episode. Some can't stand her.

Others have changed their views of her once or more since she made her debut.

No matter what, anyone who comes for Julia on Instagram is going to get some intense clapback.

Julia Trubkina - I hate this (confessional)

From the moment that Julia Trubkina arrived in the United States, she faced a series of nasty surprises.

One of the most notable of these ugly shocks was the expectations that her (then-future) in-laws had of her.

Betty and Ron Gibbs wanted Julia to perform free farm labor.

Julia Trubkina - I'm not ready to take care of animals

it turned out that this was slightly more complicated than it appeared on screen.

Julia wasn't directly forced to do these 90 Day Farmhand chores, but did them so that she could spend time with Brandon.

Of course, given that the alternative was not spending any real time with her fiance, one could argue that she had no choice at all.

Julia Trubkina - I not go America clean animals

Julia came to Virginia to spend time with Brandon and marry him, not to feed dirty animals.

Oddly, some viewers hated Julia and accused her of being "lazy" because she didn't want to be an indentured servant.

Julia had no problem with working -- but she wanted to work a real job, not chores for her deranged mother-in-law.

Julia Trubkina Bestows a Kiss Upon Brandon Gibbs

Speaking of the absolute horror show on the Gibbs farm, Julia wasn't permitted to share a bedroom with her own fiance.

This wasn't just absurd -- it was disrespectful and insulting. 

Betty and Ron claimed that it was a rule made for reasons of "respect." Oddly, some fans even agreed with them.

Julia Trubkina - I know but why we not stay same room

Later in their debut season, Julia did give viewers a more legitimate reason to criticize her.

She faced off with multiple castmates, including Rebecca Parrott and Yara Zaya, over cosmetic procedures.

Insultingly, Julia referred to surgical weight loss as "lazy."

Julia Trubkina - people just like more lazy

Julia is a grown adult in her twenties, but expressed some shocking ignorance about the human body.

Clearly unaware of how weight gain and loss works, she insisted that anyone wanting to lose weight could "go gym club."

In reality, there are changes to the human body that cannot be reversed with any amount of diet or exercise.

Julia Trubkina - if you want look better just go gym club

Ultimately, it seemed like Julia's true issue with the subject was that it was "not natural."

Many things in this world are unnatural yet good. Many things are perfectly natural, but awful.

Fans, even those who adored Julia, were disappointed to see her display these attitudes.

Julia Trubkina - this is not natural for body

On Happily Ever After?, Julia briefly continued her negative streak.

She displayed some outrageous jealousy issues that she truly needs to work on.

Feeling jealous and insecure is one thing, but viewers didn't like seeing her make that Brandon's problem.

Julia Trubkina - because I'm jealousy person

This time, Julia addressed the issue directly on social media.

Following backlash, she acknowledged that this is something that she needs to work on.

The first step to correcting our flaws is to acknowledge them, after all. Good for her.

Julia Trubkina IG acknowledges jealousy issues

However, soon Julia returned to her more familiar co-protagonist role on the season.

This was made possible in part by Betty Gibbs resuming her role as primary antagonist.

When Brandon and Julia said that they didn't want a second wedding celebration, Betty heard them loud and clear ... and ignored them.

Betty Gibbs unveils a second, unwanted (wedding) cake

Betty displays many of the tell-tale signs of a narcissistic parent.

Her twisted version of love has clearly delivered multiple setbacks during Brandon's adult life.

Fortunately, Julia and Brandon made the courageous choice to walk out with dignity instead of play along with Betty's ambush.

Julia Trubkina - and we leave this party

Bizarrely, Julia received backlash for this from fans, who called her and Brandon "brats" and "ungrateful."

(It has never been clear what they have for which to be grateful ... why would you be grateful for a party that you don't want?)

What Betty did was indefensible, and hopefully most fans know that.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina are stoney-faced during ambush

Recently, Julia received some backlash for trolling fans.

She recently teased them with a post about returning to Russia, only to clarify that she's not divorcing Brandon.

Some fans were distressed that she was playing games with them, but others understood the nature of her job.

Julia Trubkina IG - bye America, I go (blank)

More recently on the show, some fans ridiculed Julia for her on-camera dance.

Julia tried out to be a dance instructor at a local gym, but her moves were a little too seductive.

Honestly, "you dance too sexy" isn't much of an insult.

Julia Trubkina dances

Julia has clapped back, against fans and against her castmates.

She has admonished followers for joking that she is now a "farmer."

Additionally, Julia has exchanged joking barbs with Rebecca following their clash at the Tell All.

Julia Trubkina - I hate this

Sometimes, Julia's clapback comes across as a little harsh.

However, many fans and viewers believe that this may be Julia's dry sense of humor, blended with some things being lost in translation.

Julia genuinely seems like a fun person. Not perfect, but with a good heart -- and a lot of patience when it comes to her in-laws.

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