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Angela Deem has undergone a dramatic transformation over the course of the past year.

Not in terms of her behavior — which remains so bad that many fans want Angela fired from 90 Day Fiance.

But her appearance, from how she styles her hair and dresses to her physical figure, have changed drastically.

Angela’s most recent photos highlight how far she has come on her body transformation journey.

Angela Deem Posts Glow-Up Selfie

This weekend, Angela Deem went to Las Vegas to celebrate a birthday.

It wasn’t her birthday — that’s in September. Believe it or not, on September 12, she’ll only turn 56!

It was Nick Hogan’s birthday, and Angela was a celebrity guest for his birthday dinner.

Here, Angela snapped a photo with Tana Lea, Nick Hogan’s girlfriend.

In this double-selfie and in the one shown above, Angela is flaunting her new face.

Part of it is makeup, part of it is cosmetic work, part of it is styling, and some wonder if filters are playing a role.

Regardless of whether or not Angela is adding a digital layer to her transformation, she has revamped her looks considerably.

Last year, she revealed that she would be undergoing multiple weight loss surgeries.

She explained that she had gained weight — apparently after visiting Nigeria to see Michael Ilesanmi, her husband.

Angela Deem blames her husband; is smoking a pack a day

In addition to the gastric balloon and liposuction, Angela had tissue removed from her breasts and needed to have excess skin removed.

She explained that this decision was largely made in order to benefit her health.

Angela explained that even simple tasks, like going to the grocery store, were leaving her out of breath.

Angela Deem smokes in the kitchen like it's the purge

It is not necessarily a mystery as to what the culprit behind some of her struggles may be.

Weight can cause physical problems — too much or too little — though how much is "too" much or "too" little varies from person to person.

In contrast, smoking cigarettes is universally bad for everyone, and that clearly includes Angela.

HEA 6x06 preview - Angela Deem is still smoking

Angela Deem has been smoking for more than forty years, meaning that she began in her early teens or before that.

That’s longer than I’ve been alive. That’s longer than her husband has been alive.

Even with the insistence of plastic surgeons and common sense that she stop, she refused to shake the habit.

Angela Deem immediately smoking again in the car

Angela’s smoking is not a purely personal choice, either.

She smokes in cars and in houses and in hotel rooms, seemingly without regard for who might be present.

It has led some viewers to speculate that Angela isn’t really capable of caring about other people and their well-being.

Angela Deem smokes and blames her husband for it again

Some fans have noted that Angela’s smoking could explain aspects of her appearance.

Her weight loss surgery (as with any rapid weight loss) could of course make her look a little older for a while.

But even before that, Angela looked 10-15 years older than her actual age. Smoking could account for that.

Angela Deem smokes indoors in a hotel right before her surgery

Angela’s claims that her surgery was done for her health don’t really make sense in the context of her continuing to smoke.

Surgeons and fans alike are at a loss to explain her behavior.

Angela, meanwhile, has been seen repeatedly blaming Michael, who is in Nigeria, for her continued smoking. There’s no surgery to fix that.