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Rebecca Parrott is a polarizing 90 Day Fiance star, but generally she is very well-liked by many fans.

There are exceptions, viewers who have leveled harsh criticisms at Rebecca since day one.

Now she’s married and getting her dream body, and her fans are so happy for her.

But others are shaken to their core by an alarming revelation about Rebecca’s infamous ex.

Rebecca Parrott shares dress horror story

Has Rebecca Parrott just been Big Ed Brown in disguise this whole time?

That might sound absurd, despite the age gap in her marriage to Zied Hakimi, who is 20 years younger.

But Zied isn’t the husband whose age is setting off alarm bells with 90 Day Fiance fans.

Rebecca Parrott header zoom (weight loss May 2021)

It started with a photo shared to Reddit.

The throwback shows Rebecca, blonde at the time.

By her side is a very young man — allegedly her infamous Moroccan ex-husband.

“Rebecca’s ex from Morocco who she doesn’t shut up about," the photo was labeled.

Commenters were taken aback by the man’s apparent youth.

And they were quick to lay into Rebecca.

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“Geez I didn’t realize how young he was,” one user commented.

“I always assumed he’d be Zied’s age honestly. But good lord this looks like an adoption picture. His brain hasn’t even fully developed yet,” another wrote.

In reply, another Reddit denizen quipped: “HER brain hasn’t even fully developed yet!”

Rebecca Parrott in improvised dress fix

Many observed how visible the age disparity was — much more so than with Zied.

In fact, many noted that the photo looked more like a parent and a child than a couple.

“He was a teenager. Not even 20 yet. She’s gross,” one commenter wrote.

Rebecca Parrott in cinderella carriage

According to one commenter, Rebecca and her ex first met when he was a teenager.

At the time, he allegedly reached out to her over Facebook for help with his English homework.

That is not a meet cute when the person being asked to help with the homework is about 40.

Rebecca Parrott thrown for a loop by ring lost

Of course, even if that is true, it doesn’t mean that he was a minor at the time.

And that also doesn’t mean that things became a relationship right away.

But with good reason, the idea of a 40-year-old dating a teen, even an adult teen, alarmed fans.

Rebecca Parrott has concerns about wedding wardrobe

“Holllyyyy crap. I liked her but this is some serious stuff,” confessed one Reddit user.

Some fans were weirded out by Rebecca’s relationship with Zied at first.

That wasn’t nearly as creepy as this story.

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Zied was 26. He’s now, what, about 30?

Both of those ages are fully adult, so it doesn’t really matter how much older the other adult might be.

In contrast … a teenager? That hits different, as they say.

Rebecca Parrott kisses Zied Hakimi on their wedding day

There is always something deeply unsettling about the idea of someone counting down the days until they can legally sleep with someone.

Even just making the joke about a celebrity is in poor taste.

But while we truly do not know Rebecca’s ex’s exact age when they started dating, he was clearly even younger than Zied.

Rebecca Parrott is visibly unhappy, wants her dream wedding

Another difference was that he was allegedly abusive to Rebecca during the marriage.

That is serious — and, let’s be clear, definitely worse than a sizable age gap between adults.

But none of this shakes the idea in fans’ minds that Rebecca now has a pattern of marrying much younger men.

Rebecca Parrott says Zied Hakimi is only strict/devout one month

What makes Big Ed Brown a creep isn’t that Rosemarie or Liz is way, way younger.

Big Ed is actually outspoken about how repulsed he is by the idea of dating a woman his own age.

He also treats the women in his life in a toxic manner that no one deserves, as viewers have seen repeatedly.

Rebecca Parrott in pigtails, April 2020, lost her ring

Rebecca isn’t outspoken about feeling entitled to date twenty-somethings and doesn’t think that she’s an A-list celebrity.

She has some jealousy and insecurity issues, but didn’t lie to Zied in order to waste months of his time on a marriage that wouldn’t work out.

But not being as bad as Big Ed doesn’t mean that Rebecca isn’t, well, creepy.

Rebecca Parrott searches for ring beside Zied Hakimi (gaming)

That said, we do not know how much of the claims made on Reddit are true.

It would be very interesting to hear Rebecca respond to these rumors and accusations.

Though we area ll very well aware that she strongly regrets the marriage as a whole, how old was he?