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Trish isn’t the worst Mother-in-Law on 90 Day Fiance or even on this season of Happily Ever After?, if we’re being honest.

But that doesn’t mean that her on-screen behavior towards Natalie has not shocked viewers.

Naturally, some fans have been interested in what she’s like off-camera, and done some online snooping.

Seeing and learning more about Trish has been a jaw-dropping experience. Is she … a catfisher?

Trish wonders what she said or did to upset her DIL

Let’s make one thing clear right away: Trish does not appear to actually be catfishing anyone.

Catfishing means tricking someone using a fake photo, often faking a relationship to get money.

Trish isn’t accused of that, but you can see why fans used that word.

This is a contrast photo (shared by the good folks at Screenrant) showing the duality of Trish.

One is her appearance on 90 Day Fiance and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, as we have seen.

The other is how she appears on Facebook.

Trish Youngquist notes 90 is not a lot of days

Trish is recognizable in both, but her social media profile photo is much more flattering.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a flattering photo of yourself, or simply not updating your profile pic.

However, people are having some fun at Trish’s expense because of her on-screen behavior.

Trish Youngquist tells Mike and Natalie to set a date

Trish actually seemed fine during her time on 90 Day Fiance Season 8.

Her biggest conflict with Natalie was when Natalie’s obviously disordered eating came up.

At that time, Natalie objected to Mike eating butter on his bread.

Natalie Mordovtseva - try not to eat butter

Natalie likely has orthorexia, giving her an irrational focus upon food purity.

Trish defended Mike at the time, and she was right to do so.

Behind the scenes, however, Trish was the one who told Mike to call off the wedding.

Mike Youngquist mom Trish admits she asked Tamara to object

Trish also asked Mike’s neighbor, Tamara to stand up and object to the wedding two days later.

Tamara refused — because, no matter what we think of their prospects as a couple, that is an awful thing to do to someone.

This season, however, Trish’s behavior has been very much on screen.

Trish shows Mike Youngquist the antique crib

Her collection of cursed-looking piggy banks seems like an ominous chorus, warning away visitors.

Because Trish was anything but welcoming to Natalie’s visit for Thanksgiving.

Trish challenged Natalie about her work, her uterus, and more.

Trish didn’t just suggest that Natalie should look into being an interpreter.

Trish continued to push the idea, again and again, shooting down Natalie’s acting aspirations as unrealistic.

In fact, even when Natalie went to sulk in the car before leaving, Trish continued to defend pushing the idea.

Trish still unsure how she offended Natalie

Trish also badgered Natalie about having children, which Natalie found almost funny.

Like … Trish didn’t want Mike to marry her, but apparently she’d accept grandkids from her anyway?

Whether or not we believe that Trish called Natalie a rude term for a sex worker, Trish was not exactly welcoming.

Natalie Mordovtseva - she called me hooker, your mom

And then of course there was the butcher shop prank, which was just weird.

Trish also suggested to Mike that, if Natalie didn’t eat poultry, they could feed her venomous snakes.

That’s not how family treat one another — not how they should, anyway.

Trish to Mike Youngquist - get a water moccasin out of it

But, obviously, Trish’s appearance on social media gave fans a bit of a start.

Whether the old photo was touched up or merely older, it struck people as odd.

After all … why have that old pic but then not seem to make an effort when you’ll be viewed by millions?

Trish brings out birthday cake for Mike Youngquist

It’s totally unfair to judge someone by their looks, of course. Trish’s actions are what matter.

Still, we wish that a friend of hers had reached out and said "hey, maybe get your hair done before going on TV."

She’d still be a 90 Day Fiance villain, but perhaps people would be less cruel about her looks.

Mike Youngquist and mom Trish

Some viewers were also stunned to learn that Trish is only 59 years old.

This actually echoes what people said when they learned how young Mike is.

Mother and son both look older than their actual ages, likely due to a combination of genetics and hardships. That’s life.

Trish Youngquist shares her concerns about Natalie not working

Trish would have received cruel comments about her face, her hair, her home, and more no matter what.

But a few trolls saying that she looks like a "thumb in a wig" would have been all of it if she were better behaved.

It’s just a shame that some are going after her looks instead of focusing on her behavior.