Leah Messer Opens Up About Love Life: Is She Back With Jason Jordan?!

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Now that Chelsea Houska has quit Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer might be the most popular cast member in the entire franchise.

Of course, she wasn't always so well-liked.

Far from it, in fact.

Leah Masker

There was a time when Leah was lumped in with the likes of Jenelle Evans, Farrah Abraham, and Ryan Edwards.

Fans saw her as the sort of person who makes one bad decision after another, endangering her health and the welfare of her children in the process.

Leah's custody battle with ex-husband Corey Simms brought the worst of her behavior into the spotlight, and there was a time when it looked as though her reputation would never recover.

Leah Messer Suffers a Scare

But then something miraculous happened.

Leah turned things around.

And not only did Corey and the other people in her life forgive her, the famously unforgiving Teen Mom fans gave her a second chance as well.

Leah Messer in 2021

This was partially a result of Leah's recent memoir, which shed new light on her difficult past and the hard decisions that she's been forced to make over the years.

Now that Leah is sober and has regained custody of her kids, perhaps it's only natural that fans have turned their attention to her love life.

There was a time when they might have done so in order to call her out for choosing what they consider to be an unsuitable mate.

Leah on Instagram

But these days, fans are taking a much more charitable view of Leah's personal life, and their curiosity seems to come from a place of genuine caring and concern.

That said, they really, really want to know whether Leah is dating anyone new or not.

And they also want to make sure that she hasn't reconciled with any of her toxic exes.

Leah Messer with Daughters

Usually, Leah avoids questions along these lines, but she opened up during a recent Instagram Q&A session.

A fan asked Messer point-blank:

"Do you want to date or are you focused on you and your girls?"

Leah Messer Looks Pretty

And Leah didn't mince words in her response, saying:

"I think whatever is meant to happen will happen in divine timing."

Fans applauded Leah's decision to not force anything, and many wished her best in her next relationship, whenever that might happen.

Leah Teen Mom 2

Not surprisingly, the conversation eventually turned to the topic of Leah's exes, with many saying they hope Leah will eventually get back together with Jeremy Calvert.

Another group expressed fears -- which appear to be unfounded -- that Leah has reconciled with Jason Jordan.

In case you forgot, Leah and Jason dated in 2018, and the relationship ended badly.

Leah Messer and Jason Jordan Pic

In fact, Leah basically called Jordan an abusive stalker.

We're not sure how the reconciliation rumors got started, but based on Leah's comments about their breakup, it seems pretty certain that she'll never go down that road again.

“It just wasn’t right. My kids weren’t feeling it anymore either. They were picking up the energy and it wasn’t okay. You don’t see the behind the scenes," she said at the time.

Leah Messer and Jason Jordan

Leah went on to say that Jason has an explosive temper that was never captured by Teen Mom cameras.

“We’ve had a lot of disagreements lately on parenting. He gets openly angry. He gets upset and takes it out on everyone. There was always an expectation I could never meet. What I did was never enough," she said.

"I could get up, cook breakfast, have all the kids ready, go watch his kid, it wasn’t enough," Leah continued.

Jason Jordan and Leah Messer

Messer revealed that Jordan tried to force her to give him another chance after their relationship ended.

“He was texting me non-stop and I’m like freaking out and he just walks through my screen door with all this great stuff trying to suck me back in," she said.

"He brought a key to his house. Why do that when things aren’t great? That’s a bad sign. That’s toxic.”

Jason Jordan Smiles with Leah

Fortunately, it seems Leah and Jason have both moved on.

In fact, Jason alluded to being married in a recent Instagram post.

So we guess we're happy for him -- but we're mostly happy that this means Leah definitely won't get back together with the guy.

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