Jason Jordan: Get to Know Leah Messer's New Boyfriend!

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He's no longer a secret, folks.

He's no longer a mystery.

He has a name and an age and a very pretty lady on his arm.

Leah Messer on Insta

Earlier this week, multiple outlets reported that Leah Messer had a new boyfriend.

Following two divorces for Messer and a series of failed flings, Teen Mom 2 fans were excited for Leah and curious to learn more about this hopefully very nice, caring and sensitive older man.

And now we do, in fact, have more to share.

Leah's boyfriend is named Jason Jordan.

He is 39 years old.

He has been dating the MTV personality for about three months and, a source tells Us Weekly, the romance is "getting serious" already.

The pair met through Messer's cousin and took a vacation to Florida this past week, where they were photographed holding hands and smiling.

Leah Messer and Her Daughters

“Even though he’s older, they have a lot in common,” this insider tells the aforementioned celebrity gossip publication, adding:

“They share the same faith and have gone to church together. They love hiking, cooking and are both very family oriented. He’s very attentive.”

Messer, of course, has three kids.

She shares eight-year-old twin daughters Ali and Aleeah with her ex-husband Corey Simms.

She also shares five-year-old daughter Adalynn with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, with whom she actually hooked up a few months ago.

Leah contemplated getting back together with this ex-husband earlier this year and their unusual relationship is currently playing out on season 8 of Teen Mom 2.

But it's clear at this point that there's no romantic future for Messer and Calvert.

Leah Messer Selfie

As for what we know about Leah's new man?

“Jason has a 2-year old and Leah has met him,” the source tells Us Weekly.

“She hasn’t really dated since her breakup from Jeremy, so she was a little nervous to introduce him to the kids, but they absolutely love him.”

Jordan had this child with his ex-wife, to whom he was married from June of 2014 through October of 2017.

He reportedly played basketball in college and then actually made a career out of this sport via some organization called Hoops Vision from 2001-2002.

There days, Jordan has built successful job for himself within the world of medical sales.

He also lives near Messer in West Virginia.

Leah Gets the Call

“He’s super thoughtful,” the above tabloid source states.

How so?

“He will leave flowers for the girls and notes for Leah on her car. It’s progressing forward … They’re just enjoying each other in the moment.”

As you might expect, Leah has received some backlash for dating an older man, but she's also received some support for a handful of Instagram users.

To wit:

Leah Messer comments

Will this be the relationship that sticks for Messer?

It's still too early to know for sure.

Will Jordan appear on future episodes of Teen Mom 2?

It's also too early to know for sure.

But we're happy for Leah at the moment and we hope this romance works out for her.

Lord know, the mother of three has been through a lot of late.

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