Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert: Should They Get Back Together?

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If you've watched Teen Mom 2 from the beginning, then you know that Leah Messer hasn't been too lucky in love.

And sure, some of that is her fault -- her marriage with Corey Simms ended because she cheated, for example.

But she's grown up so much in the last couple of years, and we just can't help but root for her, you know?

Speaking of rooting, there are lots and lots of fans that have really been pushing for her to get back together with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

But why? Is it a real possibility? Would it even be a good idea?

Let's look into it, friends!

1. What a Love Story

What a Love Story
It's been nearly eight years now since Leah and Jeremy first got together, can you even believe it?

2. Man Oh Man

Man Oh Man
And what a dramatic eight years it's been.

3. Memories

Leah began dating Jeremy in August of 2011, a couple of months after her divorce from Corey was finalized.

4. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
At that point, she moved pretty quick, so by that December, they were engaged and she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage, but they pulled through together and a few months later, they got married.

5. Here Comes Addie!

Here Comes Addie!
And a few months after THAT, she was pregnant again, and then came the gift to the world known as Addie.

6. Uh Oh ..

Uh Oh ..
And after that ... well, things got bad.

7. Tough Times

Tough Times
Addie's delivery was a difficult one, and it left Leah in a lot of pain. She was prescribed pain killers, and when the pain didn't go away, she was given strong anxiety meds, because hey, maybe her problem was psychological.

8. So Sad

So Sad
She ended up getting addicted to those medications, and when she couldn't get them from her doctor, she'd buy them illegally.

9. So Much

So Much
An addiction like that would be enough to tear apart any marriage, but that wasn't all they were dealing with -- it was also became increasingly difficult for Leah to deal with Jeremy's job as a pipeline engineer and how much travel it required.

10. So Many Problems

So Many Problems
And on top of that, Leah had developed a serious spending problem -- she was blowing through an absurd amount of money on all kinds of things.

11. Oh, Robbie!

Oh, Robbie!
Let's see, what else ... oh, Leah also allegedly cheated on Jeremy with ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd. Yes, the same Robbie she cheated on Corey with.

12. Accusations

This somehow never made it on the show, but in October of 2014, Jeremy tweeted and deleted “Well that was a surprised kinda u did it to Corey and now me with the same person. Good job slut. I don’t give a f-ck done protecting ur ass. Caught ya bitch. Go back to Mingo and have a wonderul f-cking weekend with Mr. Kidd.”

13. What's the Truth?!

What's the Truth?!
Leah denied cheating in her own Twitter statement, which she also deleted, but either way, the damage was done. Jeremy filed for divorce that same month.

14. Too Little, Too Late?

Too Little, Too Late?
Leah went to rehab both to get help for her problems and to show Jeremy that she was trying to change, but it didn't work, and in June of 2015, the divorce was finalized.

15. Moving On

Moving On
After that, things were bad for a while. She accused him of being a deadbeat dad who never took the time to see his daughter, and it was clear that she had a lot of resentment for how things ended between them.

16. New Love?

New Love?
She eventually started dating again, and he went on to have a long term relationship with Brooke Wehr -- they were even engaged.

17. Of Course

Of Course
But eventually they broke up, too -- Brooke accused him of cheating on her.

18. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
And, oddly enough, Leah was single when Brooke left Jeremy, and they started hanging out outside of anything having to do with Addie -- the photo above was taken at a bar around that time.

19. A Pattern

A Pattern
Whenever both of them are single, things get seriously flirty -- we saw it again after Jeremy broke up with another girlfriend, Desi Kibler.

20. Well ...

Well ...
Leah's even admitted that they have hooked up multiple times when they're not in other relationships.

21. Gross, Jason

Gross, Jason
But for a few months last year and another few months this year, Leah was busy dating Jason Jordan. He turned out to be a creep, so she kicked him to the curb, and Jeremy got back in the picture in a big way.

22. Looking Good!

Looking Good!
They've been extremely friendly on social media and, we presume, in real life -- they were definitely pretty cozy at the filming on the Teen Mom 2 reunion, as you can see in this photo.

23. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
And just yesterday, Leah shared this photo of the two of them at another bar. For her caption, she wrote "Parents of the one and only, Addieee! You won't find any baby daddy/baby momma drama here cuz we always gonna kick it," and she added hashtags like "go along now" and "do it for the kids."

24. Um

But literally no one was convinced that they're JUST doing this for the kids.

25. Quit Lying!

Quit Lying!
A quick look at the comments shows that the people want the truth -- and lots of them also just really want the truth to be that Leah and Jeremy are in love again.

26. Good Point

Good Point
One of Leah's followers wrote "Do it for the kids.. by hangout.. at a bar.. all dressed up and cute lol come on yall."

27. Could Be

Could Be
Another person told her "Y’all look amazing. I think that Leah fixed herself and dealt with her problems now y’all are ready for each other again. I think it was to much hitting at one time. Wish y’all the best."

28. Proof?!

Lindsie Chrisley, Kailyn Lowry's podcast co-host, commented "Wouldn’t be mad if it were for more than the kids," and Victoria, Leah's own sister, replied with "Maybe it is, they just refuse to tell."

29. Enough Already!

Enough Already!
So like, there's absolutely something going on, right?

30. Giving It Another Shot?

Giving It Another Shot?
But could it be more than sex? Should it be?

31. What a Question

What a Question
Yeah, maybe!

32. The Truth

The Truth
Look, a big problem for their marriage was Leah's drug problem, and yeah, she went to rehab for that and seems to be doing a lot better now. She could have even gotten over whatever was causing her to (allegedly!) cheat on her husbands back then.

33. Still ...

Still ...
But they also fought a lot about Jeremy being gone for so long for work, and he still has the same job with the same hours and the same amount of traveling, and he's made it clear that he loves his job and has no intentions of quitting.

34. Rude

When they were married, they got into a big fight about it because Leah felt like a single mom and Jeremy felt like he was providing for his family. She asked him if he'd go to marriage counseling with her, and he refused, then slapped her in the face with a piece of raw bacon.

35. Incompatible?

If they were to really get back together, maybe the happy fuzzy feelings would float them along for a while, but then he'd leave again for work, and eventually, she'd probably start feeling abandoned again, you know?

36. For the Kids

For the Kids
And if their relationship fell apart a second time, it would probably be devastating for Addie.

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