Leah Messer: Jason Jordan is a Crazy, Abusive Stalker!

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When Leah Messer first started dating Jason Jordan back in July of 2018, fans thought he might be "the one."

The main reason they jumped to this conclusion is that Leah seemed thoroughly convinced that she'd finally found the right guy.

Of course, her instincts aren't always the greatest when it comes to men, and once again, Leah got it wrong this time.

Leah dumped Jason for good back in March, and now, we're seeing how it all played out on new episodes of Teen Mom 2.

We knew the breakup was ugly, but it might have been even worse than we expected.

Take a look:

1. The Honeymoon Period

The Honeymoon Period
Leah and Jason seemed to be head over heels for one another in the early days -- but the relationship quickly soured.

2. The First Split

The First Split
The former couple broke up for the first time in October or November of last year.

3. That Was Fast

By the time the holidays rolled around, however, these two were openly back together.

4. On the Outs

On the Outs
Shortly thereafter, however, Leah and Jason called it quits again, this time, seemingly for good.

5. On Her Own

On Her Own
Jason did not appear in Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2. But he was certainly the primary topic of conversation in Leah's scenes.

6. Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors
"We don't see behind the scenes. We've had a lot of disagreements lately, parenting. He gets openly angry, he doesn't hit or anything like that. He gets upset and takes it out on everyone," Leah explained while telling one of the show's producers about her breakup.

7. Never Enough

Never Enough
"I felt like there was always an expectation I could never meet, what I did wasn't ever enough," she continued.

8. Doing It All

Doing It All
"I could get up, cook breakfast, do this, do that, have all the kids ready, watch his kid, and I felt like it wasn't enough and he felt the same way and no one wanted to make the move to say this isn't working out," Messer added.

9. Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the Dogs
Leah said the final straw came when Jason left her dog out in the cold and then kicked her out when she confronted him about it.

10. A Clean Break?

A Clean Break?
"I was like, 'I think this is just toxic.' I don't think this is good and that's okay to accept. It's okay to accept that this relationship isn't working out, to me, that's healthy dating," Leah told her producer.

11. Not Out of the Woods

Not Out of the Woods
But later in the episode, Leah revealed to her sister that Jason had come to her house unannounced and attempted to win her back.

12. Not Good

Not Good
Leah explained that Jason entered without permission and attempted to give her a key to his house, something he had never done when they were together.

13. The Key to a Healthy Relationship

The Key to a Healthy Relationship
"Why do that when things aren't great? That's a bad sign, that's toxic," Leah said of the key gesture.

14. Ominous Words

Ominous Words
"I ignored things I shouldn't have ignored," Leah said -- a comment that led some fans to the conclusion that the rumors of Jason's abusive behavior are true.

15. Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde
"A lot of people are different behind closed doors than they are in public," she added. "He was different around everyone."

16. Making the Rounds

Making the Rounds
After that, it was time for Leah to share the news with her daughters -- who were overjoyed by the revelation that Jason wouldn't be coming around anymore.

17. Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is
"Finally! I told you I don't like him," said Aleeah of the news.

18. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"He was not handsome. He was not cute. He didn't look like a prince. He looked stupid and looked dumb," Adalynn offered.

19. Replacement Ideas

Replacement Ideas
From there, Adalynn suggested that Leah marry her father, Jeremy Calvert, instead.

20. Not a Bad Idea

Not a Bad Idea
Interestingly, Leah didn't shoot the suggestion down.

21. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
Last we checked, Jeremy was single. Just something to consider, Leah!

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