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Over the course of the past year, Leah Messer has been widely praised for her honesty.

The Teen Mom 2 star has spoken candidly about a number of difficult topics, including her abusive childhood and her struggles with substance abuse.

Leah’s memoir earned her a slew of new fans, many of whom were impressed with her ability to be so blunt about her own pain and trauma.

But these days, Leah is being accused of presenting a false version of herself — and the folks calling her out seem to believe it’s an open-and-shut case.

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Leah posted the photo above earlier this week, and put simply, her fans are just not buying it.

No one’s accusing her of tinkering with her face in any way, but they say the body that face is attached to is not Leah’s — especially the legs.

Yes, we don’t hear about photoshopped legs very often, but commenters believe Messer attempted to smooth out and elongate her bottom half.

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And to be honest, she didn’t do a very good job.

Check out the area between Leah’s hand and her shorts.

As you can see, Photoshop is clearly not her forte.

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As is usually the case with this sort of thing, fans were quick to go off on Leah in the comments.

“So insanely edited, I cannot with this picture," one person commented, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"I think she photoshopped her ass honestly," another added.

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“Do y’all not see how photoshopped this is?!?! See how long her arm is???” a third chimed in, seemingly in response to the comments praising Leah’s appearance.

So Ms. Messer made an attempt at photo perfection, and she failed.

On a long enough timeline, it happens to just about every celeb who’s active on Instagram — well, the ones who use Photoshop, anyway.

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So Leah has to take the L on this one, but she’ll be okay in the long run.

After all, she’s healthier and happier than ever, and for the most part, that’s been reflected in her Instagram posts.

Leah flaunted a curvier physique last week too, but on that occasion, the replies were mostly positive, with only a handful of haters hurling plastic surgery allegations.

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Thankfully, Leah has been in the game long enough to know that social media commenters are a fickle bunch.

They’re with you on one post, they turn against you on the next, and they’ll claim they were always loyal once you post something they like again.

Fortunately, Messer has a stable home life and a slate of hard-earned good habits to guide her through the rough patches.

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Like some of the other ladies in the Teen Mom universe, Leah’s life is more drama-free than ever these days.

That’s great for her, of course, but if recent Teen Mom 2 ratings are any indication, it hasn’t been great for the show’s popularity.

But hey, no matter what happens, it looks as though Leah and her family will be just fine — and we’re sure that’s all she really cares about.