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Leah Messer has always been regarded as one of the most down-to-earth cast members in the Teen Mom franchise.

She never went full-Hollywood like Farrah Abraham or launched a million side projects like Kailyn Lowry.

But Leah has been in the reality TV game for a long time, and that sort of sustained fame is sure to change a person at least a little bit.

Hell, Leah has a whopping 2.4 million Instagram followers, which would be enough make anyone a bit more self-conscious about their appearance.

Leah Masker

As you’re probably aware, most (if not all) of the Teen Moms have gone under the knife to "enhance" their appearance.

If Leah has had any work done — which is a big if — it’s extremely subtle.

Still some fans are convinced that Ms. Messer’s curvier new physique is the result of some sort of cosmetic procedure.

Leah Messer's New Look

Leah paid a visit to the town of Charleston, West Virginia this week to hang out with some friends.

She posted the pic above on her Instagram Story this week, and fans were quick to notice that she seemed to be sporting a curvier figure than usual.

Leah posed for a pic in cutoff shorts and a t-shirt, and while some described the post as a "thirst trap," we’d like to point out that it’s summer in West Virginia.

Leah Messer in 2021
Photo via Instagram

If anything, she’s overdressed.

Anyway, as is customary when a semi-celeb posts a semi-revealing pic on Instagram, commenters were quick to zero in on recent changes in Leah’s physique.

The good news is, most agreed that she’s looking better than ever these days.

Leah Messer Rocks a Sports Bra
Photo via Instagram

The bad news is, many had insulting theories as to why that might be.

Some suggested that Leah had put on some "pandemic pounds," which is a term that we can hopefully retire before the end of this year.

And of course others theorized that Messer had undergone plastic surgery.

Photo via Instagram

Specifics varied from one account to the next.

Some suggested that Leah was the recent recipient of a tummy tuck.

Others guessed that she had recently undergone some sort of breast enhancement.

Socially-Distanced Leah Messer
Photo via MTV

Messer has not responded to the rumors, but she has commented on past reports that she had plastic surgery in order to obtain a less-bulbous beak.

“I have not had surgery peoples! Not saying that I’m not all about some fresh Botox either," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

"Girl. Be. You! Do You! When is the next Botox party? I’m coming!”

Leah Messer Looks Pretty
Photo via Instagram

Last year, Leah published a memoir that led many fans to show greater compassion toward a Teen Mom who had been a polarizing figure in the past.

Leah wrote about her addiction, her abusive childhood, her devotion to her daughters, and her desire to rebuild her life following challenges that would have caused many people in her position to lose hope entirely.

Unfortunately, it seems that for some people, that empathy was short-lived, and they can’t simply appreciate a photo of the new and improved Leah without throwing shade.

This is what stars are talking about when they say reality TV fame has more drawbacks than benefits.