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Kelly Dodd is not going down without a fight.

A public, ugly and very personal fight with a Bravo personality who is actually still employed by this network.

The same can’t be said about Dodd, of course, whose contract was not renewed a few days ago — meaning she won’t appear on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 16.

Much to the joyful celebration of Golnesa Gharachedaghi.

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Shortly after Dodd essentially got fired, the Shahs of Sunset cast member celebrated Kelly’s removal in a number of social media exchanges.

"I don’t like insecure bullies who thrive off of belittling others. Out with the a** and in with the class!” Gharachedaghi wrote in response to Dodd’s ousting.

From there, Dodd proceeded to clap back via a statement to Page Six.

"I don’t know who this woman is. I don’t watch that show," Kelly alleged.

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She added:

"Unfortunately, there are a lot of haters in the world. Fortunately, I get far more love than hate.

"I choose to focus on the thousands and thousands of well-wishes and messages of support I’ve already received today."

We have no idea who sent well wishes to a person who claimed only dumb and poor people die of COVID-19… but that’s a question for another day.

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The feud didn’t die down with Dodd’s message, though.

Gharachedaghi went ahead and recorded an Instagram video, saying in part:

"I’ve been on Bravo a long time before you, and guess what, I’m gonna be on a long time after you.

"I’m an OG on my show, I’m a starter of my show and I will be a closer of my show. It won’t be the other way around, believe that, Miss Dodd. Enjoy your Fox News life, bye."

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Or NOT goodbye, really, because Dodd wasn’t finished.

In a since-deleted Instagram Story, Dodd then responded to GG’s post by coming across sort of racist.

"I don’t know who this Go girl is, Goulash, whatever her name is. Don’t know her. Did I see it, I’m sure I have, but I haven’t seen it since in 5 years," she said.

"Good luck, lady, I don’t know who you are. Sorry."

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This mispronunciation of her name did not sit well with Gharachedaghi… for an understandable reason.

"Well now ya see Ms. Dodd, now we’ve got ourselves a whole new issue at hand," she shot back on Instagram.

"Let me paint your privileged self a little pretty picture … first and foremost, if you watched my show 5 years ago then guess what, there wasn’t an episode without me being at the center of drama with MJ and Reza (the 2 people you said are the only ones you know from my show).

"Never once did those individuals have a season without having me at the center of it."

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And then she asked:

"Now let’s switch tones for the 2nd part of this so pay attention …

"I was born almost practically deaf and I have to wear hearing aids to hear a little better and sometimes I miss it.

But did you just disrespect MY CULTURE by purposely saying my name like that?"

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Concluded the Shahs of Sunset star:

I would’ve thought getting fired for being a racist would’ve been a big enough lesson but I forgot we’re talking about a privileged person that doesn’t need to change their ways.

You are a bona-fide bully Ms. Dodd.

I am so glad for your departure because when Bravo decided to create the first ever show about Middle Easterns [sic] on an American network called Shahs of Sunset, and the many other shows about different cultures, they also said f— you to racism and the people whose souls are tainted, so good riddance.

Golnesa Gharachedaghi

KABOOM, huh?

In a statement to TooFab, Dodd responded to GG’s most recent post in a way only Kelly Dodd could, stating:

This narcissist started this fight by attacking me and I still don’t know who she is.

I’m mostly Mexican and nearly 30% Native American. I’m not a racist and the privileges I have are the ones I’ve earned. I deleted the video because I’m sick of talking about this person and won’t anymore.

Come after me some more and I’ll sue you.