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There was a time when Jana Duggar was commonnly referred to as "the Cinderella Duggar."

The nickname referred to her tendency to take on the toughest, dirtiest chores in the household, while at the same time playing a crucial role in the raising of her younger siblings.

At the time, of course, Jim Bob’s compound was packed to the rafters with with little Duggars.

But at this point, more than half of those children have married and left the nest, which means Jana’s household obligations have been significantly reduced.

Jana Duggar Spills the Tea
Photo via Instagram

These days, Jana is being courted by Stephen Wissmann, and while the process appears to be going smoothly, it’s also a long-distance relationship, which means the two of them rarely see one another.

Stephen lives in Nebraska with his family, and Jana, of course, is still in Arkansas, living with her parents.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, the couple has reportedly been able to get together several times in recent months, most recently when Jana flew to Florida for an air show in which Stephen was participating.

Stephen Wissman Image

(Jana’s twin brother John David Duggar also flew in the show, which means she was chaperoned, in accordance with Duggar laws.)

So needless to say, Jana has a lot of free time on her hands these days.

And fans are beginning to wonder what the hell she does with it, besides gardening and taking selfies.

Jana With Jessa

Jana’s gardening posts became popular during quarantine, but now, it seems the novelty has officially worn off — and fans have taken notice.

“Glad Jim bob gives her money for her garden. She can at least enjoy that,” one critic wrote on Reddit this week.

“[Jana] has absolutely no ambition whatsoever to get a job outside her parents realm, on her own,” another added. “She is so beholden to her father and financially dependent on him. It’s completely ridiculous.”

Jana Duggar on a Couch
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One fan pointed out that Jana’s inactivity is not her fault, as Jim Bob has been known to go to great lengths to prevent his daughters (and wife, and nieces …) from enjoying even a modicum of independence.

But hopefully, there’s lots of flying in Jana’s future — both from the coop, and aboard Stephen’s private plane.

There could be trouble in paradise, however, as it was recently rumored that Stephen had dumped Jana, suddenly and without warning.

Jana Duggar at Magnolia In Waco
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The fans pushing this theory say that he did so a result of his disgust over Josh Duggar’s arrest for child pornography.

Of course, there are several reasons why that theory doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Chief among them is the fact that the Duggars have known about the investigation into Josh’s internet activity for nearly a year, and Jana almost certainly would have filled Stephen in on the situation shortly after they started dating.

Jana Duggar Courting?
Photo via TLC

(Keeping secrets isn’t very Christian, after all …)

On top of that, we doubt that information would be a deal-breaker for Stephen, as Jana has spent years distancing herself from Josh, and she rarely mentions him publicly.

What’s more likely is that Jana and Stephen are still going strong — and she’s soon to distance herself from her family even further by moving to Nebraska to be with him!