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When Counting On fans first learned that Jana Duggar was being courted by Stephen Wissmann, they were elated by the idea that the beloved reality star had finally found Mr. Right.

And when those same fans found out that Josh Duggar had been arrested on child pornography charges, they were appropriately outraged.

Those feelings of rage might soon be magnified thanks to new revelation about the ways in which Josh’s sex scandal have impacted Jana’s relationship.

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The Duggar courtship process is an elaborate months-long ratings ritual, and whille the details vary from one couple to the next, the broad strokes remain the same.

It’s usually a chaste 2 to 4 months of "dating with a purpose," followed by a quicky engagement, and then marriage.

But Jana and Stephen seem to be taking things much slower than most Duggar couples.

Jana and Stephen

Jana was spotted spending Christmas at the Wissmanns’ home, but still no engagement — that we know of.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the Duggars are more secretive than ever these days.

So there’s been no announcement of Jana and Stephen’s relationship, and we probably won’t get any official updates until after the wedding — if these two ever get married.

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Yes, it seems we have more bad news for Jana fans who are still hoping that Stephen is the man she’s been looking for.

It looks as though the courtship has been put on hold as a result of Josh’s arrest — and it may have come to an end entirely.

YouTuber Katie Joy has been keeping a close eye on the situation, and she’s debunked several rumors about the couple’s supposed progress.

Jana With Jessa

First she shot down reports that Jana and Stephen were photographed together at Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu’s wedding.

"Literally 5 of Stephens sisters have the same color hair as Jana & wear it identical to her – because the style is a common look in the [Institute in Basic Life Principles]," Joy said in a recent post on her Instagram page.

Joy went on to debunk claims Jana has moved out of her parents’ home in Arkansas and is currently shacking up with Stephen.

Stephen Wissman Image

"Literally no one I’ve spoken to can confirm this rumor because it’s not true," she wrote.

According to Joy, nothing momentous is happening in Jana’s life.

In fact, she claims it’s been business as usual on the Duggar compound in the weeks since Josh’s arrest.

Jana Duggar on a Couch
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"The Duggars have been seen at church. Jackson & Johannah have also been out spotted with friends," she wrote.

"Jana is likely laying low & being the mommy helper she’s required to be because she’s not married. That’s all I got."

So are Jana and Stephen keeping things on the down-low due to Josh’s arrest, or have they broken up because of it?

Stephen Wissman Photo

We can’t say for sure, but you know there has to be a correlation.

On the bright side, Jana has been strapping on her mask and doing a lot of traveling in recent months.

And those who know her best say that the purpose of such trips is seeing Stephen.

Jana Duggar Wears a Mask
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"I think as time has gone on, I’ve found I do love to travel more than I thought I did," she said on a recent episode of Counting On .

"So now, it’s more like, okay, if I really love the guy, I’ll follow him to the ends of the earth. I’ll want to go wherever he is. So far, I just haven’t found that one."

Sounds to us like someone who’s very much in love — which makes the situation all the more sad if Josh ruined it for her.