Isabel Roloff Has "Baby Fever" on Instagram: Is She Pregnant?

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More than once, Isabel Roloff has been dogged by pesky pregnancy rumors.

Jacob's brothers, Zach and Jeremy, have been "twinning" when it comes to having kids with their wives.

Of course, Jacob and Izzy are younger and living their own lives. 

But now, Isabel is making it clear that she has babies on the brain. Is she pregnant?

Isabel Roloff on Her Gram

If she's not, she may very well be building up hype for a pregnancy announcement.

In a recent post, Isabel wrote about "feeling ready" to hav ea baby.

Isabel made it clear that she wants kids, but is nervous about the decision. 

Izzie Roloff

That's very good. Too many people take this decision too lightly.

Others also make the mistake of having children before they are ready.

It's better to wait than to screw up, or to end up resenting your children.

Isabel Roloff and husband Jacob Roloff

Isabel is a thoughtful young woman.

She also made it clear to her followers that she has ideas about the future.

Izzy would love to move to Roloff Farms and live there with her husband and with their future children.

Isabel Roloff Insta Photo

Isabel has also discussed the idea of traveling around with her family in the future.

After all, she and Jacob did plenty of that when Jacob turned 18 and left the farm.

But recently, Izzy's posts have leaned in one direction in particular.

Isabel Rock IG Stories - multiple baby posts

Isabel shared a number of glimpses of, well, mothers to her Instagram Stories.

The moms, photographed and filmed with their babies, were presented without context.

It seems that Izzy is just fine with stirring up interest.

Jacob Roloff and His Wife, Isabel

Of course, in the mean time, Jacob has been making fans' ovaries explode.

Specifically, he's been an adorable uncle to his niblings (that is, his nieces and nephews).

He's very close with his family, especially Zach and Tori's kids, Jackson and Lilah.

Isabel Rock with a Vibrator

Jacob is often seen hanging out with his eldest nephew and youngest niece.

They absolutely adore their uncle in return.

Fans see how good he is with his niblings and look forward to what an amazing dad he could be.

Isabel Roloff and Jacob and Jackson

On that, Isabel is in total agreement.

She has shared that she has made the same observation.

Jacob will be a wonderful parent, one day ... whether it's soon or in the distant future.

Married Roloffs

Fans have also observed that Jacob is a very introspective, thoughtful person.

A number of aspects of his childhood very reasonably bothered him.

Jacob resented having no choice about being raised as a Christian and being forced into reality stardom.

Jacob and Isabel Rolloff on a Hike

Parents with unhappy childhoods often have two choices:

They can repeat their parents' mistakes, or they can consciously give their kids better childhoods than they had.

Jacob will certainly opt for the latter, and fans are eager to see it -- whenever that happens.

Isabel Rock, Jacob Roloff, and Lens Flare

Meanwhile, fans speculate that Jacob and Isabel might even already be living on Roloff Farms.

There have been major hints, including Jacob's obvious interest in composting and his studies of microbiology.

If he's not already living there, he certainly seems to be preparing.

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