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Jenelle Evans and David Eason will never again star on a reality show.

Hell, Jenelle can’t even hold on to a sponsored content deal on Instagram without her reputation catching up to her!

That’s a good thing, of course, because Jenelle and David are objectively bad people, and bad people shouldn’t profit from their awful behavior.

But in a sense, it’s kind of a shame that no camera crew will ever again visit the swampland the Easons call home — because the drama never freakin’ stops in that household!

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

Take a look at the past week, for example.

First, Jenelle confirmed that neither of her sons lives with her, which is a monumental win for both boys.

A few days later, Evans picked a fight with Leah Messer, presumably because she was bored, and David wasn’t around to engage in one of their infamous screaming matches.

Jenelle Snapshot

And then came word that Jenelle’s gross makeup company went out of business.

Turns out the buying public wasn’t crazy about paying for mold-infested cosmetics. Who knew?

Anyway, Jenelle decided to try and outdo herself yesterday with just a whole slew of foolishness.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

It all started when she posted a desperate plea for sympathy on TikTok.

The clip began with one of the many, many scenes from Teen Mom 2 in which Jenelle cried and complained about her life.

She whined that no one tells her they love her (seriously), and then she switched to the present day, where she was joined in the pool by daughter Ensley.

"Guess what? I love you. And I will always love you, okay?" Jenelle told her daughter, apparently as a way to shame her own mom for not displaying affection frequently enough.

"You promise? Forever and ever," she continued.

"They’ll never be a day where I don’t stop loving you okay? I promise. And if you ever need ANYTHING when you’re a big girl, you come tell mommy okay?" Evans went on.

"I want to talk to you about EVERYTHING okay? I love you so much.

"And you’re my best friend right? You Jace and Kaiser you’re my best friends alright," she concluded.

It was that last part that rubbed people the wrong way.

Celebrating Jace

There are currently two children living with Jenelle — her daughter Ensley, and her stedaughter, Maryssa.

It was either cruel or careless of her to exclude David’s daughter from a previous relationship — and we all know Jenelle is equally capable of both.

Thankfully, commenters were quick to call her out.

Maryssa Eason With a Gun

"Don’t forget Maryssa?!" one person remarked, according to The Sun.

"I always include by bonus kid. But maybe it’s because I have a great relationship with their mom," another shadily stated.

The comments went on like that until Jenelle eventually decided to try and weasel her way out of the situation.

Maryssa Goes Back to School

"Thanks everyone for the support! I didn’t forget about Maryssa but I feel like it would’ve been rude towards her mom," she wrote.

Well, you’ve gotta hand it to Jenelle for trying — even if her response is laughably ridiculous.

Anyway, it seems that it wasn’t just the commenters on Evans’ post who found the exclusion of her stepdaughter offensive.

For starters, Maryssa posted an upsetting photo in which she hinted at how much pain she’s in.

"I stopped venting and started praying cause I don’t need sympathy," the 13-year-old wrote on her hand.

"I need strength – bruised but not broken."


She didn’t specifically call out Jenelle as the cause of her pain, but let’s be honest, she doesn’t really need to, right?

As for David … well, it seems he didn’t take the news very well either.

Jenelle posted a pic of Eason bawling his eyes out on her Instagram Story.

David Eason Crying

It was David’s birthday yesterday, and Jenelle captioned the pic "Sad he’s 33 today."

So maybe Eason was just trying to be funny, but we seriously doubt that he’s that good of an actor.

Whatever is going on in that pic, it seems clear that there are a lot of tears flowing on The Land these days.

It could make for quite a reality show … but thankfully, that will never happen.