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About three weeks ago, Briana DeJesus got engaged to Javi Gonzalez.

The move was somewhat unexpected, as Bri and Javi had only been dating for a few months at the time.

But then again, Teen Mom 2 fans who know Bri know that she’s never been one to pump the brakes in situations where she knows what she wants.

Unfortunately, in this situation, it seems that Briana’s impulsivity got the best of her.

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Just two weeks after the couple shared their big news, word began to spread that DeJesus and Gonzalez had broken up.

Accounts differed as to why the lovebirds parted ways, but everyone seemed to agree that the engagement was off.

It was one of those situations in which Bri’s silence seemed to speak volumes.

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But now it looks like she was just waiting for someone to pay her to spill the tea.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, Briana has granted an interview to Celebuzz (which she linked to in the bio of her Instagram page), in which she claims that she and Javi are still in love, and still planning to get married.

“I was going to stay silent on this… and I even ignored this when it first popped up last week as I laughed it off,” she told the outlet.

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“But since it’s coming up again that Javi and I are no longer together, with reports even aiming to investigate ‘what went wrong,’ I feel compelled to speak up," DeJesus continued.

“First off, Javi and I are 100 percent together and we are happy."

She even had an explanation for why she’s been spotted with a bare ring finger:

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“In fact, he went to the store to upgrade my ring today. You can see in the text [shown to Celebuzz] where he says that he loves me and ‘the wedding bands that go with it for after we’re married are so fire,’" Bri said.

"So yes, we’re together, very much in love, and engaged.” 

In other words, Bri wasn’t happy with the rock that Javi copped with his tattoo artist’s salary, and she decided to threw some of her own cash at the problem in order to upgrade the bling.

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As for the suspicious Instagram activity that started all these rumors in the first place, Bri says it’s a bunch of nonsense.

Fans noticed that she and Javi weren’t following each other, and that there were no pics of Gonzalez on DeJesus’ page.

But Bri says there’s nothing strange about that, as they never followed each other, and she never posted any of his pics.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

"There NEVER were,” she told Celebuzz.

“They were only on my IG Story. All of these ‘social media stalkers’ who claim to ‘know so much’ should’ve been able to pick up on that and, in addition, should know that an Instagram Story post expires in 24 hours (thus they would be deleted after the 24 hour period).” 

Though it’s super weird to be engaged to someone you don’t follow and never post pics of, Bri played it all off like it was nothing.

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"That’s just stupid,” she said.

“This is SOCIAL MEDIA – it’s not someone’s real, 24/7 life. People really need to get their facts straight and come correct before continuing to perpetuate completely false allegations and rumors."

Bri concluded by making sure that everyone knows where she stands with regard to her relationship.

Briana DeJesus Loooks Upset

“So to reiterate – yes, I’m with Javi,” she continued.

“Yes, we’re engaged. Yes, we’re in love. And yes, we are planning on getting married. Sorry to the haters, and likely some of my co-stars, who tried to get a good laugh, but this time the joke’s on you.”

As for when they’ll tie the knot … well, Bri was non-committal in her answer.

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But it sounds like she’s in no rush.

“I don’t like big weddings. And no I’m not getting married [right now],” she said.

And with how secretive she’s being about this relationship, we probably won’t find out about the wedding until after it takes place!