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90 Day Fiance stars do not get much more polarizing than Angela Deem.

Recently, she and her husband Michael Ilesanmi have openly clashed over her series of surgeries.

Michael has been insisting that all of this money could be spent on having a child together.

But fans are starting to wonder if this baby goal is as fake as Angela’s vow to quit smoking.

Angela Deem Laughs at Her Own Joke

When Angela and Michael’s love story began, they quickly discussed a desire to have a child together.

Because of Angela’s age, the odds of conceiving with Michael were slim to none.

(Despite appearances, Angela was only 52 when she made her debut on the franchise)

Angela Deem is still smoking 10 cigarettes per day (probably more)

It would take a miracle for Angela to conceive at her age, so the looked at more "realistic" options.

Namely, they hoped to find an egg that could be fertilized with Michael’s sperm.

Angela openly asked her daughter Skyla for one, assuring her that she herself would "tote" the embryo.

Michael Ilesanmi - how much is this going to cost?

Skyla of course told her mother "no," for a host of reasons.

That turned out to be for the best, because Angela finally faced the truth.

Egg or no, she is in no condition to "tote" anything. Her uterus needs to stay retired.

Michael Ilesanmi to Angela Deem - why would a man be massaging my boobs?

But Michael has remained insistent upon the idea of having a child with Angela.

Though she is already a grandmother, Michael wishes to become a father.

This is important in his culture, and Michael says that it is important to him personally.

Michael Ilesanmi - I'm just not cool with it

It has been looking like Angela’s only remaining option is traditional surrogacy.

The future of her marriage to Michael could depend upon them having a child together.

That said … many have had their doubts as to whether Michael would back out now over not having kids.

Angela Deem complains that Michael has not been supportive

Even so, he has continued to bring up the topic, even when Angela has other priorities.

Recently, viewers have seen her undergo a series of surgeries aimed at helping her to lose weight.

Michael was less than supportive, citing concerns about the risks and about how he might feel about her new body.

Michael Ilesanmi - that money could go to the process of (having a child)

When Angela spoke to Michael about her plans to get a facelift, he was even less happy.

On camera, he complained to his family, even to his aunt (who already didn’t like Angela), about the expense.

Michael and Aunt Lydia both agreed that the money could be better spent on the expensive surrogacy process.

Angela Deem immediately smoking again in the car

$25,000 is a lot of money.

And though Angela completely ignored Michael’s objections, many fans felt that couples should make financial decisions together.

Michael doesn’t get to dictate what surgery Angela gets, but they should collaborate on financial choices … right?

Michael Ilesanmi - because she told me she wanna get a facelift

But fans have their doubts about the authenticity of this conflict.

90 Day Fiance is not scripted, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a passive nature documentary.

Producers nudge things along. And returning stars like Angela and Michael know that they need a story.

Angela Deem has lost 40 pounds so far

With that in mind, many fans think that they are pretending to feud over surgeries.

It’s not that everyone thinks that Michael loves the idea of Angela going under the knife.

But they believe that the disagreements are exaggerated for the benefit of the cameras.

Michael Ilesanmi - Nigerian men value big boobs

Think about it: without this, how would Michael feature into the story.

Angela Deem: From Not To Hot is not the premise of the show. Angela’s husband has a part to play.

And in this case, he’s the disappointed objector … who is still in Nigeria, awaiting his spousal visa.

Angela Deem dicknoses during hypnotherapy

On the other hand, Angela has seemed genuinely miffed at Michael during various interviews.

That could be acting, but given Angela’s lack of a filter and how transparently obvious it is when she lies … that seems hard to swallow.

Whether they played up their disagreements or not, some of that anger towards Michael is genuine.

Michael Ilesanmi - your boobs way too big?

Of course, fans have also noted that the argument about the money, at least, has to be fake.

Angela is likely paying nothing at all for these surgeries, thanks to on-screen promotions of the surgeons and their practices.

Angela’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, is known for securing these kinds of body transformations for her clients.

Angela Deem explains why she needs to dispose of her waddle

At the same time, some fans think that Michael is expressing this desire to have a baby with a grandmother to save face with his family.

Whatever the truth, most fans are hopeful that Angela and Michael never make good on their plans to have a kid together.

It’s not just about health and finances — many worry about what kind of life any child of Angela’s might have, given her demeanor.