Amy Duggar: I Hope That Sicko Josh is Brought to Justice!

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Even a month later, Duggar fans who did their best to ignore the truth are grappling with Josh Duggar's arrest.

Most of the family, however, is sticking to the script as demanded by Jim Bob.

But Cousin Amy is something of an outlier in the family.

She has now given a full interview to share her true feelings.

Amy Duggar with a Selfie

Amy Duggar King spoke to Today Parents about the arrest of her disgusting cousin.

She was shocked at his arrest and at the charges that he possessed images and video depicting child sexual abuse.

And Amy came right out and said that she worries for his six kids, and for his eventual seventh child.

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"Who wouldn’t worry about that?" Amy very reasonably asked.

"My heart goes out to all those innocent, sweet victims..." she expressed.

Amy added that "It breaks my heart."

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Amy emphasized: "I really hope justice is served."

That is one of those vague, "safe" statements that people often make when they are mincing words or being diplomatic.

However, in the context of Amy's other statements, it certainly sounds like she'd feel more comfortable with Josh in prison.

Amy Duggar on Insta

"I will just say that whatever you do in the darkness comes out in the light," Amy suggested.

"If you’re going to look at such disgusting and sickening images," she continued.

Amy declared that "justice has to be served."

Amy Duggar's Son

Amy isn't just in the unenviable situation of being Josh's cousin.

She is also a mother, with a 19-month-old named Daxton Ryan.

This means that the charges are in some ways as personal to her as the accused perpetrator.

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"To look at my little guy who is 19 months old... my heart and my brain cannot comprehend that," Amy lamented.

"It blows my mind," she expressed. "It’s heartbreaking and disgusting and evil."

Amy emphasized: "It’s so evil. I want nothing to do with it."

Amy Duggar and Child

When Amy initially appeared on 90 Kids and Counting, she had no notion of Josh's crimes.

Instead, she learned about who and what Josh really was in September of 2015 -- just three days before her wedding.

Of course, there is no good time to learn that your cousin molested five young girls, including four of his own sisters.

Amy Duggar King Selfie

 "I wish I would have known about what was happening," Amy expressed.

"I did not know anything about the whole Josh situation the first time," she shared in reference to his 2015 scandals (plural).

Amy explained the dishonestly of the Duggar family: "We were told that he went to camp... I definitely didn’t know."

Amy King Picture

In fact, she says that if she had been aware, she can't imagine herself going along with it.

Jim Bob and children -- including the survivors of Josh's sexual abuse -- all participated in the cover-up.

With that in mind, Amy would not have felt comfortable appearing on the show and thus being another acomplice.

Amy Duggar Instagram Image

Speaking of the show, Amy was often unfairly juxtaposed with her cousins, as if she were some sort of "rebel."

The reality, of course, was that she was a good kid.

In fact, better than her cousins, because she is not a member of a destructive, toxic cult.

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"Growing up I’ve never had a police record, I’ve never done drugs," Amy pointed out.

She explained: "I’ve never done anything that would label me as a wild or crazy cousin."

"It played with my emotions and then I realized, I’m fine," Amy emphasized.

Amy Duggar on WEtv

She also spoke about how she has had to set up boundaries with her cousins and their parents.

"It’s OK to protect yourself from negativity and it’s OK to step back," Amy affirmed.

She commented: "I think that’s where I’m at."

Jill and Amy Duggar in 2021!

"Jill and I are very, very close," Amy then noted.

"She’s really such a sweet person and she’s growing into her own," she added.

"I’ve always called her 'my hippie chick,' ever since she was 7 or 8 years old ..." Amy reflected.

Jill and Amy Duggar Pic

"And," Amy said of Jill, "to see her live her life that’s freeing and still godly."

She continued: "But not being restrained, is a really, really beautiful thing to see."

Amy affirmed: "She has my full support."

Amy Duggar Head Shot

Amy observed that the IBLP cult hinders how people grow up and live and "it's kind of sad."

"In the ultraconservative way certain families are raised, I don’t necessarily feel like it’s fair," she lamented.

Amy expressed: "I think they should have schooling, and the ability to do other things besides being a mom and having babies."

Amy Duggar Honeymoon Photo

"God gives you freedom," Amy emphasized.

She added: "That's why there's so many different people, jobs, and lifestyles." 

That is certainly a much healthier attitude than anything that one would hear in the nightmarish cult that enabled Josh and other predators.

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