Amy Duggar Continues to Troll Josh: You Are Weak and Pathetic!

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Amy Duggar is continuing to use her social media feed for the greater good.

Which is to say:

She is continuing to use her social media feed to troll the heck out of her infamous cousin, Josh Duggar.

The 34-year old mother of one hasn't shied away over the last few weeks from just trashing the heck out of the man who was arrested in late April on chilld pornography charges.

A Amy Duggar Selfie Shot

Simply put, Amy said on a previous occasion, Josh is an evil monster.

This is a difficult description to deny when you consider that Josh has already confessed to molesting his own sisters back when he was a teenager and also to having cheated on his wife with random women on the Internet.

Those incidents took place prior to the aforementioned arrest.

Now, Josh faces up to 40 years in prison for allegedly downloading explicit photos/videos of minors -- some as young as 18 months old.

Josh Duggar at a Game

Just yesterday, meanwhile, Amy Tweeted the following:

"Happy Father’s Day weekend to the real men who protect and love their children! Who are true examples."

As has been her pattern, Amy didn't mention Josh by name when making this statement.

Nor did she mention Josh by name when uploading a meme that reads:

amy duggar advice

"Masculinity isn't toxic. The absence of it is.

"Weak men are abusive. And spiteful.

"Strong, Masculine men are protective and loving."

You can go ahead and believe what you want, of course, but it seems impossible in our view not to think Amy is directing this message right at Josh.

Amy Duggar with Flowers

In a related post a few days ago, Amy, who shares her one-year-old Daxton with her husband, Dillon King, Tweeted:

Your sin will find you out.”

There was also this Tweet from Amy of late: "The painful truth is better than a hidden lie."

And also this one: "If we sweep things under the rug, they don’t go away, they just fester."

Amy Duggar with a Selfie

During a recent interview with Today, Amy shared her feelings about her cousin's arrest, holding almost nothing at all back.

"My heart goes out to all those innocent, sweet victims... It breaks my heart," she said, adding at the time:

“I will just say that whatever you do in the darkness comes out in the light.

"If you’re going to look at such disgusting and sickening images, justice has to be served."

Amy Duggar King Selfie

Amy is the niece of Jim Bob Duggar and is not very close to her family. At all.

She doesn't follow their strict rules and she's never been afraid to speak her mind.

It's just a legitimate tragedy that she now must do so on a topic as heinous as child pornography.

And also a tragedy that Anna Duggar refuses to leave her awful husband. She in, in fact, pregnant with Josh's seventh child.

Josh Duggar Close Up

"Ladies, please don't go through life trying to be as small, silent, accommodating and convenient as possible," Amy wrote last month, likely trying to send a message to Anna.

"Speak your mind even if your voice shakes. Don't subscribe to extreme forms of modesty, own your beauty, intelligence and energy.

"Be fierce and unapologetic, always."

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