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Fans have complained that Jersey Shore Family Vacation is a bit slower and less eventful than the show’s original iteration.

Of course, there’s an easy fix to the problem, as there’s still plenty of drama taking place off camera.

If producers wanted to liven up the Shore spin-off, all they would need to do is record the cast 24/7, and bring back pot-stirring psychos like Ronnie Magro’s baby mama, Jen Harley.

Jen Harley, Ronnie Magro PDA Pic

Yes, most fans were overjoyed when Ron and Jen went their separate ways, but you have to give the terrible twosome credit for one thing:

They delivered the crazy like few other couples in reality TV history.

And these days, both of them are still effing up left and right.

Jen Harley with Her Daughter

Back in April Ronnie was arrested on domestic violence charges following an altercation with his new girlfiend, Saffire Matos.

Now, Jen has outdone him yet again.

Multiple media outlets have confirmed that Harley has been arrested on assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence charges.

The identity of the victim remains unknown, but Jen is currently dating a man named Joe, who has clashed with Ronnie quite viciously in the past.

Jen is far more private about her relationships these days, but there are numerous signs that she and Joe are still dating.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Jen posted a photo of herself and Joe on Saturday night.

As for Ronnie, he spent the weekend at Disney Land with his daughter Ariana.

Commenters were quick to note that Ron was having a much more wholesome time than Jen, who is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center on $5,000 bondha

“Happy Father’s day. Stay strong,” one person wrote.

“Your baby momma gave you a gift today too. Karma is not just a club.”

“You at Disney with ur baby while the baby momma in jail today lol…” another added.

It’s unclear if Ronnie already knew about the arrest when he posted his Disney pic on Sunday.

If so, it seems he decided to take the high life by not mentioning it.

Ron and Jen’s relationship saw both parties leveling domestic violence allegations at one another.

In one infamous incident, Jen dragged Ronnie with her car after a heated argument in a parking lot.

Jen Harley and Ron Ron

Despite visible injuries to Ron, Clark County prosecutors opted not to press charges in that case.

Of course, Ron is no angel when it comes to assault allegations.

Magro was arrested on domestic violence charges for the second time in April.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Smooch

It looks as though he’ll once again walk away scot-free, however, as his new girlfriend, Saffire Matos, hs refused to testify leaving prosecutors with no evidence of the attack.

Jen hasn’t been so lucky, however, and it looks as though one Ariana’s of parents might finally be held accountable for their actions.

Obviously, it’s a very, very good thing that these two went their separate ways — but ya gotta admit that in many ways Ronnie and Jen were absolutely made for each other.