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Last week was the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Ahead of this week’s Reunion special, Melissa Gorga posted a series of happy photos.

Various castmates were included. So was Andy Cohen.

The only one missing was Jennifer Aydin, and that was no oversight.

Melissa Gorga, Dolores Catania, and Teresa Giudice at the Reunion

"Tonight! #RHONJ Reunion!" Melissa Gorga captioned on Instagram.

"I’ve been reading all your comments," she assured her many followers.

"And," Melissa affirmed, "I know how much you loved this season!"

RHONJ s11e13: Melissa Gorga urges calm

"Believe me we are on them for it being such a short one!" Melissa wrote.

Season 11 only had 15 episodes (Reunions included). In contrast, Season 10 had 19 episodes.

She added: "We hear you."

Photo via BRAVO

"Notice I posted everyone," Melissa wrote, turning her shade into a full-on callout.

She added: "except for one person."

This was someone "who I feel is truly happy when family and friends are divided."

"Probably because she would throw her own mother under the bus for TV," Melissa wrote.

"Or," she continued, "if it would make Teresa happy."

Even without the missing person from the photos, fans could already have guessed who she means.

Melissa Gorga Looks Upset

"I’ve been on the show a long time," Melissa reflected.

"And," she asserted, "I know fake and conniving when I see it."

Wow, Melissa. Tell us how you really feel!

Melissa Gorga Cannot Believe This
Photo via Bravo

"When you don’t come for someone at all," Melissa observed.

"And," she continued, "they are constantly trying to put you down and trying to cause riffs in your relationships."

Melissa wrote that "that’s a huge red flag."

Melissa Gorga Cannot Believe This
Photo via Bravo

"ENVY BABY!" Melissa declared, suggesting her castmate’s alleged motive.

"They might want to try to be the fun tipsy one like you," she wrote.

"But," Melissa mocked, "they fail and just look sloppy."

Photo via BRAVO

"Lots of skeletons in the closet over there," Melissa announced.

If you think that she is being way harsh, you’re right, and Melissa owned that.

She expressed: "I’m nice until I’m not."

"Pay attention everyone," Melissa wrote.

She then warned viewers that "you will see it."

She was, of course, referring to Jennifer Aydin.

"I love you all," Melissa wrote to her many fans and followers.

She gushed: "Thank you for your support always."

And, by extension, thanks for following along with how she feels about Jennifer.

Melissa Gorga Won't Be Held Back
Photo via Bravo

It’s interesting to see Melissa take shots at Jennifer after this particular season.

After all, they didn’t really blow up at each other this year — not on camera, anyway.

But it looks like part of Melissa’s commentary is about how Jennifer is handling her own, internal, family drama.

Photo via Bravo

Right now, Jennifer is not on speaking terms with her mother, Josephine Altinel.

Jennifer opted to try to resolve her parents’ "hostile" relationship, as we saw on screen.

Her solution? To move her dad, John, into her own house.

Photo via Bravo

“I’m just trying to say, like, he’s a 76-year-old man that is disabled," Jennifer justified.

He "walks with the cane, has the beginnings of Parkinson’s disease,” she characterized.

“It’s not humane to just treat somebody so meanly," Jennifer said.

Photo via Bravo

"And I just couldn’t stand by and watch it anymore," Jennifer reasoned.

"And," she explained, "[my mom is] mad at me for taking his side.”

Seemingly, so is Melissa, as she unsubtly shared.