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It really may soon be over for Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga.

We’re basing this speculation off the word of a very reliable source, too.

Melissa Gorga herself!

Melissa Gorga Looks Upset

On this week’s season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the 42-year old held very little back.

She said outright via a confessional that her relationship wasn’t making her smile these days, and she therefore wondered why she would want to maintain it going forward.

“I don’t want to die unhappy,” Melissa said on air.

“I wanna feel fulfilled. Not just as a mom. And I’ve never seen Joe fight so hard against something that I want."

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This past season has been filled with one argument after another between the spouses.

In April, Melissa came right out and admitted that she and Joe had discussed the possibility of a divorce.

“I don’t know how seriously it’s come up,” Melissa explained to celebrity gossip and news outlet Access Hollywood at the time, adding:

“Have we, like, brought it up and gaffed about it? Probably, yeah."

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The boutique owner and Joe exchange vows in 2004 and have three kids: Antonia, 15, Gino, 13, and Joey, 10.

"I am feeling really scared about our relationship because I’ve never felt this exhaustion and feeling of giving up," Melissa added on Wednesday evening’s episode.

Melissa told Page Six in February that the couple “went through a rough, like year-and-a-half” that began right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit due to Joe’s antiquated views on marriage.

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However, she told the publication this winter that they are now in an improved place.

“We’re fighting for our marriage and we’re fighting to keep it strong,” she said.

“It’s really not easy. It’s not. And we’re one of the longest-standing ‘Housewives’ couples. So whatever we’re doing, I’m going to pat us on the back. Our kids are happy. Everybody’s living. So we’re doing good.

"It’s just… a struggle. It’s been a little bit more of a struggle the last two years than it’s ever been, and we’re honest about it.”

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As for how Teresa Giudice thinks Melissa could be happier in her marriage?

Simple, the polarizing personality said on an edition of Watch What Happens Live after the finale aired.

She should just subjugate herself before her husband and give in to his every whim and desire!

Melissa and Joe Gorga Photo

"She should just give him more attention," Teresa actually said.

"My brother and I were very affectionate people and by just touching him and being all over him, I mean, that’s how they used to be.

"Maybe they’re not like that so much now. Maybe. I don’t know.

"Cause if they’d been married like a while, maybe she needs to go back to how she was when they first were together."

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At one point this season, Joe went so far to tell his wife of 17 years that they’re "done."

Moreover, during a bus ride home, Melissa trashed Joe as "spoiled" for complaining that she didn’t walk alongside him.

"He has a very old school mentality," Melissa said of Joe later in the episode.

"When we started our marriage, I was 24 years old. I did whatever Joe told me to do. He was someone who was jealous.

"At the end of the day, I don’t want to feel guilt for achieving things that I want to achieve. He tells me that’s wrong."

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As for Joe?

He explained in a confessional:

"When you get too much success, you become a different person. I call fame the devil.

"The devil comes into your soul and you forget who you really are."