Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott: We're Back Together! (But We Still Bang Other People!)

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When Kylie Jenner dumped Travis Scott back in 2019, it was widely rumored that infidelity was the cause.

Since then, no one has corrected that story, so it seems that Kylie really did dump Travis for hooking up with groupies during his time on tour.

The perils of dating a rapper.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Grammys Pic

Anyway, in the year and a half since they parted ways, Kylie and Travis have formed what appears to be a healthy and productive co-parenting relationship.

Despite their youth, the exes were able to pull off something that much more mature parents struggle to do every day, which is to put the happiness of their child ahead of their own petty differences.

And now, it seems that Kylie and Travis have asked themselves the same question that fans have been posing for years:

Kylie Jenner Canoodles With Travis Scott, Mirror Selfie

If they get along so well, why not give their relationship another shot? 

Yes, according to a new report from TMZ, Kylie and Travis are back together -- but this time, they're doing things a bit differently

"Sources with direct knowledge and connection to both Kylie and Travis tell TMZ they have rekindled the old flame and are dating again, but they're also free to date other people," the outlet reports.

Kylie with Travis

"To be blunt ... they are in an open relationship."

Yes, it seems that Kylie and Travis have decided to take a swing (pun intended) at the polyamorous life.

If it works out, it could be further evidence that they're much more mature than the typical young celeb couple.

Cute Fam!

After all, it takes a very self-assured, emotionally stable person to sign off on their significant other banging other people.

Of course, if this whole thing blows up in their faces, it will likely be reported as "Kylie and Travis tried to have it both ways, and the results were disastrous."

Kylie and Travis tend to keep their relationship as private as possible, so it might be a while before we know for sure how this experiment played out.

Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott Engagement Pic

But for all their secrecy, it seems obvious that these two are 100 percent back together.

The rumors started last month, when Kylie and Travis flew to Miami to celebrate his thirtieth birthday.

Shortly thereafter, the couple was spotted out on a triple date, along with Hailey and Justin Bieber, and Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker.

Kylie Jenner and Scott

On Tuesday, they were photographed together again, this time on a Disneyland date with daughter Stormi in tow.

Rumors that Kylie and Travis are back together have been circulating pretty much since the time the couple parted ways.

But this time, things are different.

Their Debut!

Stormi's parents aren't even hiding the fact that they've been hanging out on a regular basis.

They haven't announced anything officially, but that's never been their style.

As for the reports of an open relationship -- well, that seems like the sort of thing that they'll keep to themselves for as long as possible.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, Post-Baby PDA

Polyamorous relationships are more common than ever these days, but there aren't many celeb couple who are openly banging other people.

Kylie's been a trailblazer in many respects, so maybe she'll lead the way on this one, too.

Then again, she's also a CEO and a mom, so maybe she'd prefer that the public simply stay out of her adventurous sex life.

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