Amy Roloff: Fine, Matt Wins! I'll Marry Chris at Roloff Farms!

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On the season premiere of Little People, Big World, Matt and Amy had another disagreement.

This time, it was sweet yet cringey, with Matt pushing the idea of Amy and Chris marrying on the farm.

As wedding venues go, the place where your ex lives tends to rank pretty low on the list.

But suddenly, Amy is changing her tune.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek: A Photo

An inside source spoke to The Sun and revealed Amy Roloff's change of heart.

"Amy and Chris are now planning to have the wedding at the farm," the insider revealed.

"And," the source detailed, "it will be in three months."

Amy Roloff Dines

"Things are coming together," the insider characterized about the upcoming nuptials.

"It was Matt's idea initially," the source noted.

"And," the insider added, "Caryn went along with it."

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff in Winter

The source said that Caryn humored Matt "because they are trying to keep things cordial between them all."

"The reason Amy didn't want to have it at the farm at first," the insider then began.

The source explained that her reason "is because of the emotional history there."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are in Love

Amy lived on the Farm for decades.

She and Matt raised their children there, and then she lived there after the divorce.

"And," the insider shared, "she didn't know if everyone was on the same page yet."

Matt Roloff is Serious

"Caryn isn't a huge fan of Amy," the source understated.

Yes, people who are huge fans of people don't generally sleep with that person's husband.

According to the insider: "She feels they are more acquaintances than friends."

Amy Roloff Wedding Plans

"But," the source shared, "she just wants Matt and the family to be happy."

"And," the insider continued, "for everyone to move on."

The source also confirmed that the plan is for Amy and Chris' wedding to be filmed for the show.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff on Camera

Not to worry, the insider shared: guests will be tested for COVID-19 before the event.

Even with the prevalence of the vaccine, they need to take steps to ensure that everyone is safe.

The source explained: "There are strict health and safety regulations."

Amy Roloff Looks Hesitant

As we previously reported, this is a huge change from before -- and not just from the season premiere.

Just a few weeks ago, Matt and Caryn hadn't even received their wedding invitation.

Now, we can put that into its proper context.

Matt Roloff on Season 22

The reason was that Amy and Chris hadn't settled upon their wedding venue ... yet.

It took a lot of soul-searching before they were sure that this was where they wanted to begin their marriage.

The Farm is many things to Amy, but one of them is the place where her last marriage fell apart, and where her husband lives with his former mistress.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on the Gram

But now, the source said: "Things are a lot more amicable between the two couples."

"And they've been spending time together," the insider added.

Sometimes, being forced to spend more time with each other can turn bitter exes into friends.

Matt Roloff in Black and White

"They just want to be mature," the source emphasized.

"And," the insider added, "move on with their lives."

The source stressed that they largely wish to do this "for the sake of their kids."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on Thankgiving

"But that's not to say there won't be disagreements in the future," the insider predicted.

In conclusion, the source shaded: "as everyone knows what Amy and Matt are like."

Well, they're not wrong about that.

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