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Kim Kardashian has never been shy about showing a little skin.

We probably don’t need to remind you that Kim’s career began with a sex tape and continued with a Playboy spread and countless racy selfies.

But in recent years, she’s toned down her risque content, seemingly for one specific reason.

Kim Kardashian Enjoys the Outdoors

Insiders say Kanye West was critical of Kim’s selfies in the later years of their marriage.

At first, the rapper had no issue with his wife’s fondness for revealing outfits, but as Kanye burrowed deeper into the world of evangelical Christianity, he began to object to Kim’s style.

There have been reports that the situation got so bad that Kanye was picking out Kim’s clothes and telling her what to wear.

Photo via Instagram

Now, of course, Kim is finally free of Kanye’s influence, and it seems she’s taking full advantage of her newfound freedom.

Yes, it’s been three months since Kim filed for divorce from Kanye, and while it may be a long time before the split is finalized, Kim’s clearly ready to post whatever she  wants without a second thought as to whether or not her ex would approve.

In fact, some fans think she’s posting the raciest content of her career for the purpose of flipping the middle finger to her controlling estranged husband.

Kim Kardashian as a Blonde In 2021

Now obviously, Kim has rocked more risque outfits at different points in her career.

But it’s been a while since she’s shown this side of herself on Instagram.

The pic above was posted earlier this week, with nothing but a puzzle piece emoji for a caption.

Kim Kardashian in 2021

It’s anyone’s guess what the emoji might mean, but not surprisingly, fans are interpreting it as shade thrown in Kanye’s direction.

Some believe that Kim is suggesting that her life is complete now that she’s single.

Others have suggested that she’s found a new man who fits into her life like a puzzle piece.

Photo via Instagram

Needless to say, both explanations seem like a bit of a stretch.

There have been rumors that Kim is dating Van Jones of CNN, but it’s unlikely that she’s already entered a new relationship at this point.

Whatever the case there’s more attention being paid to Kim’s personal life than ever before, which is pretty impressive when you consider that she’s been in the spotlight for over a decade at this point.

Kim Kardashian Is Wearing a Bikini on Vacation
Photo via Instagram

For years, the criticism of Kim’s public persona is that she lacks anything in the way of marketable talent.

Haters have accused Kim and her sisters of doing nothing more than living out their glamorous lives in the public eye and profiting from the voyeur-like interest.

But isn’t maintaining such a widespread interest in one’s every coming and going something of a talent in its own right?

Photo via Instagram

After all, personality is what ultimately determines the length of one’s career in Hollywood — far more so than talent, at least.

So let’s put it this way — even Kanye’s harshest critics wouldn’t deny that the guy is talented, and yet pretty much everyone on the planet is siding with Kim in this divorce.

Likability is a talent in its own right, and Kim has it in spades — although posting some glorious thirst traps on Instagram certainly helps her cause.