Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary!

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It's hard to believe, but it's been a full decade since the Kim Kardashian sex tape made Paris Hilton's bestie a household name.

It was the sex tape that turned homemade porn into a savvy career move, and did more than Sir Mix-A-Lot to popularize gigantic asses.

Kim Kardashian Superstar

But enough about Ray J!

Kim was the star of the show, and she's been rewarded handsomely for her, um ... performance.

In the ten years since the tape's release Kim's life has changed immeasurably and her popularity is such that even her siblings have risen to the level of global superstars.

Obviously, the evil genius of Kris Jenner played a role in crafting these lucrative careers despite a family-wide lack of marketable talent, but it all started with the sex tape, officially (and presciently) titled Kim K. Superstar.

Despite the rumors of new sex tape footage, it seems there will never be a sequel to KKS, but the original remains a classic in its genre.

A Kim Kardashian Favorite

Today, Vivid celebrated the release of its most popular title of all time by releasing some jaw-dropping statistics about the film:

According to the porn giant, the tape has been viewed over 210 million times.

At the height of its popularity, someone started watching Kim K. Superstar every 1.5 seconds.

While it was obviously most in demand in the early months since its release, the film has nearly risen to the same heights a few times over the years, usually as a result of headline-making events in Kim's life.

Kim's nude Paper magazine cover, marriage Kanye West, and divorce from Kris Humphries all resulted in exponential sales increases for the porn that started it all.

Kim Kardashian: Look at My Waist

As for Ray J, well, he didn't fare quite as well career-wise, but he's like a baseball player who never made it to the pros, ya know?

He may not have made it to the big leagues, but he got to where he is by doing what he loves - gettin' it on with young chicks who are thirsty for fame.

It's kind of beautiful, when you stop and think about it.

Oh, and he still gets royalties from the sales of the tape, so in a way, it's a move with two happy endings.

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