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For years, Don’t Be Tardy has been the best way to keep fans updated on Kim Zolciak’s large family.

Whether it’s Kim griping about her sex life with Kroy or the family’s latest misadventure, the cameras were there.

But all good things must come to an end.

And Don’t Be Tardy also couldn’t last forever.

Kim Zolciak, Red Solo Selfie

TMZ reports that Don’t Be Tardy is ending after 8 seasons.

Bravo has chosen to not renew the reality TV series for a ninth season.

And it sounds like the network felt like this was a good time for it.

Brielle Biermann, Ariana Biermann, and Kim Zolciak: Three for One

According to inside sources, Bravo reached the conclusion that the show had run its course.

For 8 season, the network’s cameras documented the lives of Kim Zolciak and her family.

Now, they’ve decided that this was enough.

Kim Zolciak for Bravo

Don’t Be Tardy premiered in 2012 under a slightly different title.

The first season, Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding, followed the buildup to Kim and Kroy’s wedding.

Like a doubly domestic 90 Day Fiance season. And, like 90 Day Fiance, the show didn’t go away.

Kim Zolciak is Ready for 2019

There haven’t actually been that many spinoffs of the Real Housewives franchise that were not ensembles.

Don’t Be Tardy is in the same category as Vanderpump Rules in that regard.

But instead of ostensibly being about a restaurant, viewers followed the lives of a beautiful but messy family.

Kim Zolciak Turns 40

Kim Zolciak herself, of course, spun off from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She would continue to return to the series off and on while also filming her family’s show.

Her spinoff’s series quirky title originated as a nod to a single from Kim’s pop star ambitions.

Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak, and Ariana Biermann Look Alike

The premiere of Season 8 was delayed by three months.

This was, of course, the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, Season 9 will never be a thing, it seems.

Kim Zolciak Selfie with Kroy Biermann

Kim and Kroy spoke to TMZ about this blow to their reality TV carers.

Vaguely, they said that in times of significant growth, there are "steps" that have to be "strategically taken."

We do not know what that means.

Kim Zolciak Is Topless Again

"You will see the Biermann family on [your] TV screens again very soon," they promise.

(Or, depending upon your point of view, threaten)

"Grab yourself a glass of wine," Kroy and Kim instruct, "and stay tuned."

Zolciak Biermann Family, December 2016

They also affirmed that they remain grateful after over 13 years of having a positive relationship with Bravo.

Bravo indicates that the feeling is mutual, having enjoyed the family’s journey over the years. Said the rep:

"While Don’t Be Tardy will not be returning for another season, the Biermanns will always be part of the Bravo family and we look forward to seeing what’s next."

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

Some consider this an overdue move, and it’s not because they resent looking at Brielle.

Just a few years ago, Kim was accused of racism amidst her feud with NeNe Leakes.

This prompted her to pull Andy Cohen aside … where she made things much worse.

Kim Zolciak, Andy Cohen, and NeNe Leakes Selfie

"This whole racism thing in this day in age is bulls–t," Kim declared in 2018, when racism was very much a thing.

She continued: "Everyone of those motherf–kers on that couch owe this world a fucking apology for this racism s–t."

Black women owe the world an apology for racism?

Kim Zolciak Has Extreme Lip Fillers

"They already tried to claim that s–t long ago," Kim insisted at the time.

"Nobody bought into it then because the social media wasn’t there," she continued.

"And," Kim claimed at the time, "racism wasn’t f–king all that real. You know it."

Kim Zolciak in Red

However, that does not make Don’t Be Tardy some sort of time delay victim of "cancel culture" or any other reactionary buzzwords.

Instead, many feel like the era of the rich lifestyle reality series is over.

In fact, we here at THG touched on this just recently when discussing the highs and lows of 90 Day Fiance.

Kim Zolciak and Ariana Biermann

Many feel that the time when reality TV will take a family and catapult them to fame and wealth are over.

Viewers have grown more suspicious and cynical during this age of reality shows.

The richer the stars, the less authentic and more deliberate the content becomes — because that’s how they keep getting paid.

Brielle Biermann Thirst Traps the Entire Beach

That said, the family is threatening a reality TV return.

And just because their format is no longer "in the meta" doesn’t mean that there’s no place for them in the entertainment world.

People will tire of many things, but never of seeing Brielle. You know it’s true.