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Even though Kelly Dodd has been fired from some gigs following her outrageous behavior, she hasn’t backed down.

But for someone who decries "cancel culture," she seems awfully eager to participate in it.

Her latest target is Chrissy Teigen, who is currently under fire.

Kelly was excited to fan the flames.

On Instagram, Chrissy Teigen’s history of social media bullying was called out.

"Chrissy Teigen has fallen from America’s ‘tweetheart’ to social media’s biggest bully," Page Six wrote.

"And now her career, business deals and, of course, reputation all hang in the balance," the page announced.

Kelly Dodd left a very public reply in the comments below the Instagram post.

"What’s ironic is that she has the audacity to say, I’m mean," Kelly wrote.

"And our show is hard to watch because it’s so mean," she jabbed. "Karma is a bitch."

Before we get into how eyebrow-raising that is to hear from Kelly, let’s discuss the scandal.

Chrissy Teigen has spent years as a widely beloved Twitter darling.

From relatable tweets to messy tweets to food recipes to clapbacks, she was widely liked.

But she wasn’t always a strong candidate for position of Twitter Queen.

About a decade ago, Chrissy used to say vicious things — things that were shocking even during that era of "humor."

2011 was a time when many reprehensible things were considered funny … but these?

There’s no punchline to this. If Chrissy was aiming for "ironically mean," she went overboard.

Now, these are from ten years ago. Of course Chrissy has grown since then.

But that doesn’t mean that the recipient of this heinous bullying isn’t right to speak out.

Courtney Stodden recently came out as non-binary, which is a courageous move in the vicious, bigoted world that we occupy.

But they became famous as a teenager, when they were a child bride.

It is unclear why Chrissy harbored such hatred for them at the time, let alone why she told them to kill themself.

Chrissy has apologized after these heinous old tweets were brought to light.

And Courtney has tentatively accepted her apology.

But it’s never pleasant to see that someone had an ugly side when they were less famous.

Kelly Dodd Gets Vicious

But … is Kelly necessarily the best person to call out Chrissy, or anyone else?

Because it’s true that Chrissy said reprehensible things years ago.

Kelly, meanwhile, is a terrible person right now.

Shannon Beador Gets Whacked on the Head

One could argue that being deliberately cruel to fellow rich people is part of Kelly’s job.

She’s a Real Housewife.

There’s more to that than pretending that she vacations with her neighbors every year.

Real Housewives of Orange County on Set

She is expected to be unkind to her castmates at times, if only up to a point.

But what she is not supposed to do is attack portions of Real Housewives fans, malign entire demographics of people, or make the world a worse place.

Kelly has used her platform to do all of that and more.

Kelly Dodd Mocks Her Haters

As the COVID-19 pandemic came to our shores, Kelly did not handle it well.

She flauted lockdown rules, celebrated when people didn’t wear masks, and worse.

Kelly said untrue things about the virus and the death toll, and said that the virus was "God’s way of thinning the herd."

Kelly Dodd Wears a Dangerously Unsafe Face Mask

She combined heartlessness with dangerous, false claims about masks and the pandemic.

Kelly walked back some of her claims, but not most of them.

And that was not her only atrocious, inexcusable behavior in 2020.

Kelly Dodd Yells, Because of Course She Does

Remember the historic Black Lives Matter protests of last summer?

Kelly referred to some of the largest civil rights protest in American history as "terrorism in America."

While some simply blamed her Fox News then-fiance, now-husband … she’s a grown woman.

Kelly Dodd is Off Her Rocker

Kelly ardently defended her outrageous statements, both online and at the Reunion.

She refused to simply listen to a lot of what was said.

Kelly also claimed that some of what she said was fine because her "Black friends" said it wasn’t racist.

You know that you’ve screwed up when a bunch of most-older, rich, white people wince like that at your deflection.

How can I be racist; I have Black friends? and My Black friends say that it’s okay are both classic tone deaf deflections.

(In case it wasn’t obvious, no member of a marginalized minority speaks for everyone)

Kelly Dodd in a Drunk Wives Matter Hat

Kelly tried to claim that all of the fuss was about a bad hat and her (abhorrent) political views.

But racism and the virus might be politicized, but they are not political. Kelly is just … a bad person.

Curious that the woman who griped so much about people trying to "cancel" her is so eager to pile onto Chrissy.